34 Istanbul

CevizliOverturned Metrobus on the Vineyard

CevizliOverturned Metrobus on the Vineyard:CevizliThe overturned metrobus was removed from the scene after approximately 2 hours of IETT road assistance teams working. CevizliThe metrobus, which was overturned in Bağ, was destroyed by the IETT roadside assistance teams. [more…]

16 Bursa

BTU and Durmazlar Cooperation between Machinery

BTU and Durmazlar Cooperation between Machinery: Bursa Technical University Durmazlar Cooperation meeting was held between the machinery in order to ensure university-industry integration in Bursa industry. Bursa Technical University (BTU), Rector. Dr. Arif Karademir's [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kağıthane and Eyüpe nostalgic train line coming

A nostalgic train line is coming to Kağıthane and Eyüp: The parts of the historical Golden Horn-Kemerburgaz-Black Sea Coast Rail System Line in Kağıthane and Eyüp Districts can be used. kazanThe project, which was prepared for the purpose of Historical Golden Horn-Kemerburgaz-Black Sea Coast (Dekovil) [more…]