Cheap in Malaysia

In Samsun, the disaster was overcome cheaply: In Samsun, the TIR, which had the brake on it and the machine was loaded, entered the light rail system road. TIR crossing the road, overturned the empty land. There is no train on the rail system during the passage of the TIR and [more…]


Digital screens in Kayseray stops not working

Digital displays in Kayseray stops are not working: The information screens in Kayseri's Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which are located in pause stations, have not been working for a while. While the authorities are trying to find out where the problem comes from, some citizens react to the situation. Organized Industry-İldem [more…]

35 Izmir

Hell Stop

Cennet Durakları: İzmirliler last days after the air-conditioned buses in the open-air stalls began to attract. The dismantling of the stops due to the tramway works at Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı attracted a great reaction In Izmir, the air conditioner did not work with temperatures exceeding 40 [more…]

16 Bursa

Railway Lovers Association visit

Visit to the Railway Lovers' Association: The Railway Lovers Association visited DSP Provincial Organization which struggled to bring train to Bursa. DSP Province, which is the founder of the Association of Railway Lovers, who has fought for the transportation of train to Bursa, visited Kemal Demirel [more…]