34 Istanbul

Earthmoving Truck Metrobus (Video)

Excavation truck metrobus hit the road: the metrobüste crashed Istanbul traffic. Between the Küçükçekmece-Cennet metrobus stop, the earthmoving truck metrobus was on its way. Among the first information in the accident that many wounded metrobus stops on the European side of the voyage [more…]


RayHaber 07.06.2016 Tender Bulletin

Periodic maintenance of the freight elevators (Port Warehouse and New Workshop Buildings) Manual hydraulic bonding press machine will be purchased Real estate sales assessment and expropriation service will be taken TCDD 2 Used in the Zone Trolley Service Directorate [more…]

52 Army

Rise of Cable Car in Ordu

Rise of the Cable Car in Ordu: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality handed over the ropeway operation to ORBEL. Why 'money-printing' businesses do not stay in the municipal administration, this is a separate discussion. The main issue is 6 TL which is the cost of departure and arrival to 10 TL. In summer [more…]


Akçaray Tram Project is on the way

Akçaray Tramway Project is on the Way: The Akçaray Tramway Project, which will introduce the city of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, to the rail transportation, continues with full speed. Izmit Martyr Rafet Karacan Boulevard continues to run on the rail works Eastern Barracks [more…]

22 Edirne

Governor Özdemir Edirne high-speed train gospel

Governor Özdemir the good news of the high-speed train to Edirne: The Governor of Edirne, Governor of the last governor appointed Governor Günay Özdemir appointed as the Governor of the ceremony was held. Governor Günay, "from Edirne to Kars, hopefully a fast train project will end in a short time," he said. Congratulations accepted [more…]