16 Bursa

New route of BUDO to Buyukcekmece

BUDO's new route Büyükçekmece: Bursa BUDO, which has become a brand in sea transportation in Istanbul, added Büyükçekmece to Istanbul route after Kabataş. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's cooperation with Büyükçekmece Municipality in cooperation with the sea bus service 24 June [more…]

06 Ankara

Suburban flights will stop in Ankara

Suburban flights will stop in Ankara: Within the scope of the Baskentray studies in Ankara, 11 is removed from the airport as of July 2016. The reason for the suburban trains to be removed from the expedition, the suburban lines of the standards of the subway standards were announced as the work. Xinjiang - Kayas [more…]

Intercity Railways

Malatyada Train Wreck 1 Injured

Malatyada Train Wreck 1 Wounded: A person was injured in a train accident in the town of Yazihan. According to information received, the 21124 passenger train in the Ankara-Malatya flight, Sarsap 41. Abdulselam Kılıç's work at the tunnel exit [more…]


Erdogan will announce the reduced bridge fee

Erdogan will explain the reduced bridge fee: Citizens who want to use the Osmangazi Bridge, by sending SMS to the numbers transmitted by the bank can benefit from OGS automatic transition. For the crossing of Osmangazi Bridge, 35 came to an end for the discount in the price announced as Dollars + VAT. reduced [more…]

53 Rize

Funeral moved to Rize

Funeral moved in Rize with a cable car: Rize in the village due to the dispute is not made way, the death of the funeral of the 90-year-old Fatma Ay was carried by cable car. Recep Kurt said, “We were ashamed to carry the funeral. Let them find a solution and make our way. Buna Mohammad [more…]


Konya YHT Station Completion Date

Konya YHT Station Completion Date: YHT Station Project was started. One of the mega projects of Konya, which will turn the city into a center for railway transportation, is the tender of the high speed railway station planned to be built in the Old Wheat Market. [more…]