Yapı Kredi Leasing at InnoTrans

Yapı Kredi Leasing InnoTransta: Yapı Kredi Leasing General Manager Özgür Maraş, Deputy General Manager Burcu Şirin and Aegean Region Manager Salih Hocaoğlu visited Innotrans.

Stating that leasing is the most widely used financing alternative for railways all over the world, company executives said that the Innotrans they participated in was a good opportunity to get to know the industry, meet sellers and customers, and learn about other country practices. development and potential for Turkey to open the railway transport sector would be that they acted with foresight, they made emphasis will be one of the target sectors for 2015. Yapı Kredi Leasing stated that they have already provided financing to various companies in wagon procurement and prepared to provide services for locomotive financing after liberalization.

Leasing is a financing method that was first used in rail transportation in the world. There are two alternative methods: financial leasing and operational leasing. The leasing company buys the equipment in the Financial Leasing transaction. All import and similar operational transactions are carried out by the leasing company. These equipment are then rented to users.

Equipment is purchased by the tenant at the end of the maturity. The property leasing company throughout the lease even though all rights belong to the tenant.

Turkey is trying to start with the newly implemented operational leasing fleet leasing the logic. The customer leases the equipment from the leasing company for a certain period of time. There is no obligation to purchase or purchase at the end of the term. In some cases, all operations of the equipment or vehicles are carried out by the Leasing company.

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