Istanbul Beylikduzu Metrobus is going to cry with new application

Istanbul Beylikdüzü Metrobüs'u new application of blood will be crying: the traffic of Istanbul, the lifeblood of the passengers of Metrobus a message that will not be very happy, Beylikdüzü metrobus stop was published. A brand new application will start at Beylikdüzü Metrobus stop.
The citizens traveling from Beylikdüzü district to Söğütlüçeşme were going to the last stop at TÜYAP in the opposite direction due to the intensity experienced in Söğütlüçeşme direction. Citizens were able to ride and sit on empty vehicles, but IETT took a new measure.
In order to prevent the intensity caused by the passengers coming from the intermediate stops, the platform was changed to TUYAP station. With the innovation made, metrobuses entering the last stop in TÜYAP will take their passengers in a different region and take them out of the platform. Thus, the passengers who come to this stop for the hectic metrobus, once again pay the fee, can ride the empty metrobus. IETT by the information hanged by stops in the application 16 February 2016 will start the day was specified.
As it has a special strip, it can move quickly in traffic. Metrobuses have some important characteristics compared to preferential routes. These
Distance between stops is longer than other bus systems.
Stops are prepaid. In other words, the passenger makes a payment when entering the station. This way the bus is waiting for payment is prevented.
Generally, a single line runs on the BRT roads. Passengers descend from all the doors and ride them.
The passenger capacity of the vehicle is higher. The use of double-deck or low capacity vehicles on these lines is not correct. The number of passengers benefiting from the system is higher than other bus systems. Journeys are faster.
Vehicles are more comfortable than standard buses, more comfortable and much faster because there is no traffic problem.
The cost of infrastructure of the BRT system is widely used in many developed countries because it is much cheaper than metro and similar public transportation systems. Especially in the transportation of metro lines and close distance transportation, many developed world subways benefit from metrobuses. In some countries, advanced metrobus transport networks are available.
Bus models used in the Metrobus line have certain standards. Single-storey (for ease of passenger evacuation), with at least one bellows (for higher passenger capacity), with automatic transmission (to be compatible with stop-and-go system), with disabled entry-exit system. In some countries the BRTs are without drivers.
Beylikdüzü is one of the districts in the west of Istanbul. Marmara Sea in the south, Avcilar in the east, Büyükçekmece in the west and Esenyurt district in the north. The area is 360 km2.
Beylikdüzü is one of the rare districts of Istanbul without slum building. According to the survey conducted by the municipality in the housing estate, which houses mass housing projects and luxury sites, 40 is a university graduate of the residents. Flat is one of Istanbul's most cosmopolitan district, this property is like a mosaic of Turkey and foreign citizens residing at No. considerable number of districts. Beylikduzu is a European city standard with its green areas exceeding 10M² per person. Almost every street and street of Yeşillikdüzü district has symmetrical trees. Beylilkdüzü, with its wide avenues, boulevards, sidewalks and green areas, represents the planned urbanized new face of Istanbul. Beylikdüzü continues to greenen further. The Green Valley Botanic Park is under construction in the giant valley between Cumhuriyet District and Adnan Kahveci Quarter. Istanbul Aquaculture Hali located in Kumkapı will be transported to the Gürpınar beach in Beylikdüzü. This situation has caused a great response to the environment-sensitive people living in the district because they will pollute the gulf and coast of the Fisheries Market and bring traffic load to Beylikdüzü.

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