Deligöz, Erzurum Winter Tourism in the Parliament Speaked

Deligöz, Erzurum Winter Tourism in Parliament: AK Party deputy of Erzurum and the Parliamentary Commission of the Parliamentary Committee member Orhan Deligöz, Erzurum in the parliament on the topic of winter tourism made a speech out of the agenda.

Deputy Deligöz to begin his speech, National Unity and Fraternity while fighting for our valiant martyrs mercy of our remembrance, and wished condolences to the relatives of martyrs throughout Turkey.

Deputy Deligöz continued his speech as follows;
Im Bar city, Snow City Dadaşlar land in the winter tourism in Erzurum I have been talking about. History is the cradle of civilizations neck Erzurum. Palandoken is as modest as the imposing, fertile plain. My puppy grows without a mother, but grow stateless, the heroic monument running to the front line Nene Hatunların, Abdurrahman Gazilerin, Sümmani Fathers, Alvar Efelerin, Abraham Hakim Erzurum is the city of His Holiness. Anatolia itself is Erzurum. Winter Tourism, Plateau Tourism, Culture and Faith Tourism now have an important place in the sector. In this sense, Erzurum has the most important potential for winter tourism. Erzurum is the pearl of Anatolia with its cultural richness and its natural beauty. Erzurum, which has Palandöken, Konaklı and Kandilli ski facilities, serves winter tourism with its ice halls and jumping towers. The ski season, which started with snow in October, lasts about 6 months until May. The Palandöken ski resort, one of the longest and steepest tracks in the world, forms an altitude difference from 2 to 3 thousand 176 meters. 12 thousand people can ski on all tracks at the same time. Erzurum, the proclamation of winter tourism as the capital of the people of Erzurum is the demand of our government. Hopefully, steps will be taken in this regard. İn

Also referring to the 7 February issue, MP Deligöz said, kon I condemn the coup attempt and coup mentality on the anniversary of the coup attempt made in our nation at 7 February 2012, which ended on the anniversary of the failure of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Everyone should be aware that within the boundaries of the National Congress of the Erzurum Congress, the Vatan is an indivisible whole. The principle of indivisible is still valid. Ir

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