Kahramanmaraşa Ski Center Work Started

Kahramanmaraşa Ski Center Work Started: Kahramanmaraş, the ski resort to be built in Yedikuyular District, winter tourism, thermal water will be done in the region to work in the thermal tourism is departing.

Mayor of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, the Mayor of Dulkadiroğlu Necati Okay and the delegation conducted a survey in the Yedikuyular region.

In the statement he made here, Erkoç stated that the work in the ski center of the Yedikuyular region has started and said “Kahramanmaraş will be a tourism paradise”.

Kahramanmaras in Winter Tourism will be at Atağa
One of the 196 projects announced before the election is that the natural beauties of the city are aimed at tourism. kazanErkoç said, “We have completed the necessary project work for our Yedikuyu region, which is the closest area to the city center in Turkey and is only 20 minutes away from the city center. At the moment, our correspondence for space allocation continues. If there is no disruption, our citizens will start to benefit from this place next winter," he said. Erkoç stated that Kahramanmaraş will also be one of the rare thermal tourism regions of Turkey.

New Investments in Thermal Tourism
Historical, cultural and natural beauties revealed by removing Kahramanmaraş would become one of Turkey's attractions expressing Erkoç, Mining Technical Exploration on thermal tourism (MTA) about the General Directorate with the necessary calls had been made and as soon as Kahramanmaras thermal tourism important stated that they will carry it to the points.

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