Erhan Usta asked Minister Yıldırım to train and rail network

Erhan Usta asked the Minister Yıldırım to the High Speed ​​Train and Rail Network: MHP Samsun Deputy and Plan and Budget Commission Member Erhan USTA, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications He asked the demir High Speed ​​Train Tr and rail network to be built in Samsun.
Erhan Usta, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yildirim, describing the difficulty of freight transport from Samsun to Ankara, 'Mr. Minister, I would like to express a few things about Samsun. In terms of freight transportation, it is extremely difficult for us to carry the cargo from Samsun to Ankara. Here, a new line between the Merzifon and Kırıkkale Balışeyh 170 kilometers between the Samsun-Ankara line is very cheap. You know, Samsun, our door to the Black Sea is an important center, Samsun he said.
Erhan Usta later said, v With regard to the burada High Speed ​​Train üm, bir Mr. Minister, as for the High Speed ​​Train, I saw something like, At the project stage da, this is important because there are no tunnels or viaducts here. So this is done, we need to accelerate, in fact, should be done already, am said Erhan Usta Deputy MP; “But doing this very quickly will make a serious contribution to our economy. It will contribute to both the regional economy and Samsun region. As a matter of fact, all the indicators of Samsun began to deteriorate. According to the population, all the economic indicators deteriorate, let me give a final indication. In the last year, the number of 11s has declined further and falls to the 63 rank of 74 in the public investments per capita. I mean, it seems to be considered as a developed place, but all the indicators are getting very bad, we have to take a look here. Yani
MP Erhan Usta also said; In relation to the Logistics Center; "Samsun There are studies related to the presence logistics centers, needs to be accelerated in this work, because the development plan that the key issues of logistics centers, issues related to Turkey, we already know, but here you are in Samsun, I want you to contribute a little more to work." He said .
Erhan Usta brought the road between Wednesday and Ayvacık, saying, yol There is a road between Wednesday and Ayvacık, a very bad road, leave the split, there is no normal road. This road connects the two district centers to Ayvacık and Samsun, and we demand that you take it into your program as soon as possible. Birbirine


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