Sekmen Rewards Successful Students at TEOG

Sekmen Rewarded Successful Students in TEOG: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality awarded the students who succeeded in the TEOG Exam by skiing, city trip and cinema.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, the students who succeeded in the TEOG exam, skiing, city trip and cinema were awarded. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen'in success in the education of students who succeed in the instruction of the Department of Cultural and Social Affairs, TEOG'dan taught students hand skiing hand in hand. 38 students living in the town of Hınıs learned the sport of skiing at Palandöken Ski Center upon the success of President Sekmen. Students visited the historical and touristic places of the city and experienced pleasant moments in the cinema. Students who achieved success with their performance in the TEOG Exam visited the Mayor of Erzurum, Mehmet Sekmen, who presented them with the opportunity. Deputy Mayor Eyüp Tavlaşoğlu and Secretary General Ali Rıza Kiremitci accompanied the students who were guests of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Council. Chairman Sekmen, in his speech to the students, pointed out the importance of education. . Education is our top priority, gün says Sekmen. I congratulate you for this success because of your success. Elde President Sekmen then took a souvenir photo with the students.