Hungary's Budapest-Esztergon Line Reopens

Budapest-Esztergon Line Re-opened in Hungary: Hungarian national passenger operator MAV-Start announced that the line between Budapest and Esztergon, whose modernization has been completed, has been put into service again. Thus, the line became active again as of 20 August.

The renewal work of the line took more than a year. 3 km cost of renewal of the line 53 billion Hungary Forint (44,5 million) was specified. The 480,6 portion of the line's renewal cost was covered by European Union funds.

Within the scope of the project, Aranyvölgy, Szelhegy and Vörösvarbanya stations were newly built. In addition, other stations on the line were modernized.

After the modernization and renovation, the journey time between Budapest and Estergon was reduced from 91 to 86 min.



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