Venice Simplon Orient Express tomorrow in Turkey

Venice Simplon Orient Express in Turkey tomorrow: moving from Paris in August 30 Venice Simplon Orient Express is coming to Turkey tomorrow.

According to a written statement from the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), the 30 Venice Simplon Orient Express, which departs from Paris in August, will arrive in Istanbul via Vienna, Budapest, Sinai, Bucharest and Varna tomorrow. Çerkezköy-Halkalı The train is expected to arrive in Ispartakule tomorrow due to the ongoing road works, and the passengers will be transferred to Sirkeci Railway Station by bus.

Ispartakule 6 The train to reach Venice via Bucharest, Sinai, Budapest and Vienna on Friday, September 8 consists of 2 sleeper, 1 saloon wagon, 3 bar wagon, 1 wagon and 15 wagon. 80 passengers, including 160 passengers, are traveling on board.

Venice Simplon Orient Express, which has become a tradition for voyages to Turkey, citizens are seeing intense interest.

Orient Express, which has inspired many celebrities from Agatha Christie to Alfred Hithcock, has been on the run since 1883. Yugoslavia events occurring before the train came to Turkey several times, each time making Istanbul since September 1998 years.

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