Ankarayda breakdown on the subway

Ankarayda breakdown on the subway: Rail transportation yesterday started the day is painful. In the morning, the 09.00 stops at 30. Söğütözü station of the Çayyolu subway stream turned into a lake with the effect of rain.

Ankara Hurriyet previously brought to the agenda under the title of '' SIPMA Sogutozu '', Çayyolu metro station Söğütözü recently returned to the lake after an effective rainfall effective in the city.
While the problems experienced in the subway line, which came into service last year, cannot be solved, Söğütözü station's ceiling continues to drain water from many parts. Officers, water flowing strips and slippery floor warnings when closing, they take their hands with the floor mats to remove the accumulated water to spend a lot of effort.


After the precipitation of heavy water accumulated in the subway station disabled elevator was also disabled. The water at the base of the elevator, whose entrance was closed by the lane, formed a puddle. The accumulation of a portion of the running water in the train rails in the section drew attention. Citizens using the metro, Söğütözü station that pours water from many places, waiting for the problem to be resolved.


A technical failure occurred at the Dikimevi station in Ankaray yesterday morning at 09.00. Due to the fault, the metro services between Dikimevi and Kızılay stopped half an hour. Dikimevi station was closed to the entrance and exit with the announcements and strips drawn to the station entrance. Citizens' transportation was provided by EGO buses to the direction of Kızılay. Citizens headed to the bus stops on Cemal Gürsel Street to ride buses, caused traffic jams. Citizens who react to the breakdown in the morning hours, stalls and buses formed a rebellion.


Osman C., who was late for work due to a hitch in the subway station, said: C. I came to the station but they directed me to a stop by saying the fault. Because of the morning hours, waiting at the station was carrying the road. Due to the intensity of the bus to the bus stop at the bus stop. We had to make a trip to the fish farm because we filled the buses that were already full. An old man who was on the subway but was sick and sick was forced to pull this ordeal in the morning. İş


As a result of the breakdown in Ankaray, the city continued to travel with buses, and continued to react on social media. Some of the shares on Twitter with users #ankaray and #metro hashtagi are:
@Baharcilingir: What I mean is that the subway doesn't work, what all the buses say is full! I hate Ankara.
@mertskaplan: The passengers were stranded on the train due to a breakdown in the subway line Ankaray. Unable to train.
@ecesilagul: Metro is also broken.

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