Transportation problem discussed in Adana

adana subway should be transferred to the ministry
adana subway should be transferred to the ministry

The transportation problem was discussed in Adana: The Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) organized by Adana Branch together with the Istanbul Branch '12. The Transportation Congress started in Seyhan Municipality Yaşar Kemal Cultural Center with intense participation.


Speaking at the opening of the Congress Head of the Adana Branch H. Çağdaş Kaya, in parallel with the development of capitalism, the growth of cities, the increase of urban population, the complexity of traffic in the world of debate on transport and in recent years, more in recent years, said that the agenda in our country.

Noting that the cities are waiting for a solution with the conditions that make human life difficult, Kaya said “It is obvious that one of the main problems of these problems is the transportation problem. Especially in developed countries, important studies about transportation systems have been made and the results of these studies have been utilized. In the period in which we live now, transportation; they should be considered together with concepts such as accessibility, applicability, sustainability, cultural heritage, ecosystem and environmental sensitivity and these sensitivities should be taken into consideration in planning uygulanabilir.

Kaya said that the creation and implementation of new policies that will change the structure of the negative impacts of the ongoing negativities in transportation is an important necessity for today's social life. Hay Taking the wrong steps that make the solution more difficult as it does not bring solutions and brings the transportation problem to the worrying dimensions. For this reason, it is important to establish appropriate transportation policies in accordance with the structure and benefits of the society. Toplum Rock, 12. Transportation Congress 12 session, 4 caller speaker, 24 oral presentation presentation, 3 poster presentation will provide the sharing of current information and research on the subject will emphasize Kaya, thanked those who contributed to the congress.


Seyhan Mayor Zeydan Karalar emphasized that the transportation congress is very important in Adana where traffic is the most complex. It is not easy to make a transportation plan in a distorted city, but it should not be included in the excuse, noted Karalar, ığ Metropolitan should start this business and we should do our part.

The problem of every community of people who cannot solve the problem on the ground comes down to the city. New infrastructure, home, transportation, water needs creating trouble. As far as possible problems are solved in the villages, districts and neighborhoods where people live, the burden of the city center decreases. Unfortunately, our country is experiencing the opposite of this situation. Everything is sacrificed. The process brought about by the dark, insatiable, wild capitalism indexes everything to ranta. Soil, water, food, whatever you think, everything is sacrificed in the world. Especially in our country 15 no basic issue for years can not be talked. Human rights, economy, press freedom, unemployment, enlightenment, nothing is spoken. The main problems do not come up. Artificial problems are spoken, artificial enemies are created. Therefore, the main problems are overlooked. Our agenda of all the problems, especially if we could take a real ground transportation in Turkey are discussed and resolved, "he said.


TMMOB Chairman Emin Koramaz stated that transportation investments should be evaluated not only according to the profit criteria but also according to criteria such as economic development, social, political, security and mass transportation. Koramaz, who pointed out that transportation investments, which are essentially a public service, is the area where most of the political rent accounts are made in our country, said:

Tedir As you know, political power is very proud of its investments in transportation. However closed circuit is produced, far from functional and expensive, the third bridge and airport, Galataport, Haliçport, high speed train and so on. most of the investments are for privatization. With these projects, which are exempted from the EIA processes, the public is also being plundered and the ecological balances are undermined. There is no transport master plan for the sector yet. With a transportation master plan with long and short-term targets, a central structuring is needed to solve the objectives, investment budgets, implementation results, legislative and structural problems of all transportation types, to structure, plan, monitor, monitor and evaluate the database of the sector.

Since the transportation sector is structured on the supply-demand relationship, it is sensitive to the developing economic crises. The privatization plans and programs implemented for the transportation infrastructure and enterprises should be stopped immediately in terms of their strategic importance and public service production. The fate of the transport sector should not be abandoned to the private sector, which works only with a profit logic. Disadvantages such as unplannedness, disorganization, lack of public and national interests in the field of transport dominate the country's economy as a whole. Our country's economy has been based on high rates of borrowing and intensive import input for years. Production-investment-saving policies have been replaced by consumer policies and search for money; it is based on urban rents, nature killings and financial gains. kent


Cemal Gokce, Chairman of IMO said, ta The need for fossil fuels used in the world today still remains important. Although steps have been taken to increase and diversify energy efficiency, fossil fuel use continues to a great extent. In this context, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing with the increasing number and variety of transportation. Bu Gökçe emphasized that both the transportation of railways, subways and waterways that should be provided in the city transportation are unfortunately disabled, and yazık Despite the warnings of the people of science and knowledge and all the warnings of our room, 12 will be carrying a highway in an hour. the proposal has not attracted interest. taşıy he said.

Gökçe, who expressed that he would solve the problem of transportation between the cities and the problem of urban transportation by the length of the highway network, stated that thousands of people lost their lives behind and injured thousands of people in the economic loss of billions of dollars, said:

Or In the 20 year, 30 has been suffering from the loss of thousands of people and 80-100 has lost their lives in the traffic accidents. It is necessary to solve the transportation problem in a scientifically planned manner. Instead of carrying the means of the roads, it is necessary to solve them in a system integrity that aims to carry people. The problems of the transportation system can be solved by taking into consideration the whole of the urban fabric with a prediction that will be parallel to the developments that will occur in different periods. Therefore, our country and cities have to be a in Transport Master Plan Bu. In addition, environmental, urban, human and historical values ​​should be made with an understanding that protects without disturbing insan Master Plans Ayrıca. The duty of the state and local governments; to establish and operate suitable transportation systems for the benefit of the country and society in a way to meet the needs of economic and social development. ve


Nusret Suna, Head of the Istanbul branch of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce stated that as long as transportation is a problem, the IMO will focus on this problem. Transportation discussions are mostly focused on Istanbul, he said. Olmuş From the first Bosphorus bridge to the Marmaray discussions, our Istanbul branch has always been in the process, has informed the public with its activities and has set the agenda by creating scientific-professional awareness in transportation discussions Ulaşım.

Dır Transportation problem is limited not only with Istanbul but also with urban transportation. Moreover, it is not only a problem experienced by our country, lar said Suna. Sorun This problem is directly related to the development of economy, societies and social life Kal.

Suna said: us It should be noted that the approach to transport is essentially political. In other words, it is the reflection of the economic and social preferences of the decision makers. For example, it is a discussion of the polytechnics that our cities will be organized in a human-oriented or vehicle-oriented manner. If your preference is for the vehicle-oriented organization of cities, the answer to how these cities become this is not a mystery. Istanbul and Turkey have no Transportation Master Plan. The date of the last Access Master Plan is 1983. That plan has taken its place in the dusty archives and our transportation has been left to its fate. In every period, we emphasize on all grounds. Transportation Master Plan is needed. The plan should be prepared with a perspective that is sustainable, functional, integrated and centered on public transportation. The preparatory phase should be made available to the citizens by the relevant professional chambers, universities and organized structures. Therefore, the understanding that edil I did id should be abandoned. Dolayısıyla


Congress Organization Board Chairman Güngör Evren shared his happiness because of the congress. Universe, "Our aim is to produce solutions to the problems of the country in the light of science and practices to observe, to take measures to warn the wrong," he said. Evren noted that since 1974, many suggestions have been made and implemented, ın Unfortunately, our efforts have not been met in real life.

Our solution suggestions have been ignored, criticism has not been heard, and opposing attitude has begun to be exhibited in recent days. However, planning is of vital importance, but in our country, non-plan investments started to increase rapidly. Behavior in the same way was exhibited in terms of nature and historical values. There were grievances against the environment and nature. Çevre
Evren noted that the congress was closely related to all segments of the society and prepared a very rigorous work program. Lad We are concerned about offering the best solutions for our country. Although everything is obvious and nothing is a secret, the solution cannot be produced. Her

SERAN AYSAL: We can't carry the agenda in Cyprus

IMO Greenhouse TRNC President said that as a result of the mistakes of the lunar year in Turkey and the TRNC are involved in the transportation problem kept away. TRNC profession unrelated assignments is done, the work that is referred to Turkey, lunar said things that properly conducted, "Our island will obviate the only technique is not created in order integrative there is need for a transport policy.

Our fast-growing cities come up with more problems with the migrations they receive. However, we cannot bring a topic like metro in Cyprus. Although the population is small, the multiplicity of traffic accidents indicate the wrong policies applied. Nüfus

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