Gaziantep Railway Station 6 is waiting for passenger train

Passenger train is waiting for the 6 train station in Gaziantep: Passenger train has not been in Gaziantep Gar for a year since 6. 1 has not been in the freight train since years. There are nearly 300 people, from technical personnel to maintenance personnel, from the engineer to the other staff, where the train does not come and the unused rails almost disappear between the grasses. 657, which is working as a civil servant and technical personnel under the auspices of the state agency TCDD, continues to serve as a civil servant.

Passengers do not prefer rail transportation due to the long journey of the train. Due to the war in Syria due to the freight transport stopped in Gaziantep 6 passenger train since years, 1 freight train is not coming since the year. In Gaziantep Gar, where unused rails are lost among the grasses, 300 staff are still working. Turkish Transportation-Sen Board Member Murat Yucedag, who made statements to our newspaper, stated that there are trains coming to Gaziantep for the transportation of military cargo.


Murat Yücedağ said that there has not been a passenger train to Gaziantep since the 2009., Due to the war in Syria and due to the ISIS incidents, freight trains do not come to Gaziantep and they are not transported by rail from Gaziantep. Since the 2009, the railway network does not carry passengers in Gaziantep. In other words, passenger trains do not come to Gaziantep since 2009. No railway investments were made in 1960 after the railway line to Gaziantep. After the 1955s, a railway network is being laid here from Kahramanmaras. Since then, trains have been using these tracks to go to Gaziantep and from there to the eastern provinces. There's no railroad investment here. The reason for this is that there are no passengers Bun.


Yücedağ said that the train journeys on the old tracks took a long time and therefore the citizens did not prefer railway transportation. Çok The trains run very slowly because the railway tracks are very old. For this reason, passengers prefer airways or highways instead of railway in order to save time. Every once in a while there are citizens coming to a train station asking for train tickets. But this is a very small number. People used to go to the army when they were going to the army and traveling from the villages to the city. But nowadays, that's not all. Now people don't use the railway to save time. The railroad travels very cheaply but it takes a long time with the existing rails and trains. By rail you get an hour at the 5 hour, by road at the 1 hour. Thus, passengers do not prefer railroad. Böyle


Yücedağ noted that the high-speed train project could not be realized with the existing rails. Kayd There is a fast train project planned to be made in Gaziantep. But this high-speed train project is not available on existing tracks. Completely new rails, namely making a new rail network. Because the current rails are too old and fast enough to lift the train. For the high-speed train project, a tunnel opens from Nurdağı to Osmaniye's Garden District. Since the current rails are not suitable for high speed train, shake resistant rails should be made Mevcut.


the case should be brought into line with the age of the railway network of road transport to rail transport by emphasizing that Yucedag 3 times cheaper, "High speed rail is making Turkey's infrastructure, but getting all of the cars from Spain. We have a quick train or engineer, but we're dependent on the outside. Railway is an important concept. There is no electric rail network in Gaziantep. There is an electric line extending from İskenderun to Sivas. But not in Gaziantep. Electricity costs 3 at 1 as the cost of the diesel-powered rail. The railway costs 3 on the 1 of the highway. In other words, railway transportation is more convenient than highway, electric railway is more convenient but we do not use electric railway network, normal railway line is not used in both passenger transportation and freight transportation. Yani


Although there is rarely a train to Gaziantep, trains do not come with trains carrying military material, Yücedağ said, üc Very rarely, there are military stuff or tanks coming from other provinces. And he's going to other places. We can say that Gaziantep railway is only being used for this job. This use is very rare, oluy he said.


Yücedağ, who provided information about the Garage where the train was not working, 300 staff, said: UM The lack of passenger transport is something about demand. Since railways are not developed according to the technologies of the era, it takes a long time and passengers do not prefer long-term travel. Passenger transport does so. The reason for the lack of freight transportation is entirely due to the war. Due to the war in Syria, all of the loads we sent to Syria and Iraq have stopped. The railroad has broken down railroad tracks in many places, which are beyond the boundaries of our railroads. Therefore, the freight forwarding also stopped. 1 hasn't been there since the year, nor the passenger nor the freight. There are approximately 300 employees in Gaziantep Train Station. These employees are dealing with their systematic work. He is interested in arriving trains for military shipments.

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