1 million 600 thousand people came to Erciyes during ski season

1 million 600 thousand people came to Erciyes during the ski season: KAYSERI Mayor of the AK Party Mustafa Celik, a season full of mechanical facilities and pistes in Mount Erciyes 5 1 thousand people a month benefited from the 600 a month, he said.
President Mustafa Çelik pointed out that Erciyes, which is the first ski center in Europe to open the season, is still open despite the end of April, and said, “We were aiming for a 5-month season in the Erciyes Master Plan. We did this this year. Thanks to the snowing units, we became the first center that opened the ski season not only in our country but also in Europe. Then there was a rainy winter and today is late April, people can still ski here. This year we had 1 million 600 thousand visitors. Approximately 600 thousand of these are from outside the province. This made a serious contribution directly to the economy of Kayseri. Our target is to increase the number of people coming from outside the province in the coming years. ”
We are better than 'SALT LAKE'
Erciyes `is very advanced in terms of mechanical facilities and runways, President Steel, 2002 Winter Olympics` `in the United States, Salt Lake City, Erciyes` s very far behind, saying:
“Recently we visited the facilities in Salt Lake City and saw the tracks. Indeed, it is not even one tenth of ours, either as mechanical facilities or as road and accommodation facilities. But they did the Olympics in such a place. Our goal is to turn Erciyes into a center for international skiing sports in the coming years. ”
Mayor Çelik stated that there are groups that have already booked to Erciyes for the next year and said, “This excites us and reveals how correct the Erciyes project is”.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:25

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