A Fire That Waited for a Repair

Fire Started in Passenger Wagon Waiting for Repair: A fire broke out in Malatya. Firefighters took control of the fire that broke out in the wagon with difficulty.

In the train station at the TCDD 5 District Directorate in Yesilyurt district of Yeşiltepe district, a train was found waiting to be sent for repair. When the situation of private security, the fire department reported that the fire brigades of the Fire Department of the Metropolitan Municipality came to the scene as soon as possible. 3 wagon from the middle of the wagon in the event that the fire brigade fired a large effort to extinguish the fire crews. Firefighting teams were able to control the wagon fire with difficulty during the extinguishing work where foamy water was used.

TCDD officials also received information at the scene of the incident after the extinguishing of the scene investigation teams burned the wagon did the examination. Police teams launched an investigation to identify the cause of the fire.

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