Metrobus passenger numbers exceeded 1 billion

The number of Metrobus passengers has exceeded 1 billion: Metrobus has carried nearly 5 billion 1 million passengers since 100 years of its service… The usage rate of buses, private public buses, metrobus and nostalgic trams operating in Istanbul is increasing every year.

Since its inception, especially in the first row metrobüsl located in Istanbul last year due to the speed of the choice of thousand 323 577 480 million, while 5 years 1 98 thousand billion 430 657 million people moved.

The number of people using IETT's public transport has doubled in the past 5 years. The number of passengers, which showed a steady rise, was 2010 million 783 thousand 198 in 174 and 2011 million 894 thousand 711 in 107.

The number of people using public transportation vehicles that exceeded 1 billion threshold for the first time, which was 2012 billion 1 million 69 thousand 860 people in 752, 2013 billion 1 million 141 thousand 779 in 940, breaking a new record last year, 1 billion 306 million 963 thousand 973 it was.

In this context, considering the data of the last 5 years, the number of passengers transported with IETT was 4 billion of the world's most populated China, reaching 5 billion 196 million 513 thousand 946.

According to the latest 5 annual data, most passengers moved with private public buses. Accordingly, the vehicle in question with 5 2 thousand million years 623 545 971 billion people when traveling, found that the number of million 722 652 671 thousand people last year. In the same time, 1 billion 446 million 991 thousand 699 people were transported by buses, this number was 255 million 137 thousand 103 last year.

The nostalgic tramway, which serves in Taksim-Tunnel line, has chosen 5 million 2 thousand 891 people in 470 annually.

2 million 24 thousand 654 people traveled with Tünel, which is the second oldest subway of the world, working between Karaköy-Tünel.


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