Yozgat is late on the fast train

Yozgat is late on the high-speed train: AK Party deputy candidate Salim Kahramanoğlu, stating that the high-speed project is important for Yozgat, but after the work of the contribution of the high-speed train to the city emerges [more…]

01 Adana

Headphones hit by train listening to music

While listening to music with headphones hit the train: the electric bicycle in Adana on the way to work while listening to music with headphones hit the train crossing the level crossing. He was hospitalized. The incident occurred in the neighborhood of Tahsilli district of Yüreğir [more…]

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1 America

Hit the train while taking selfie

Train crashed while taking selfie : A man was posing for a selfie on the railroad when the train crashed. According to the report provided by local CBS in Seattle, an unidentified man is located between Tacoma and Portland. [more…]


Demühderden EU Compliance Audit Book

EU Conformity Audit Book from Demühder: The first indefinite publication of the Association of Railway Engineers, which ensures the solidarity of the engineers working in the sector with social, cultural and scientific activities ilk EUROPEAN UNION [more…]

35 Izmir

YOLDER will present the e-RAIL project

E-RAIL project will offer the travelers on the road: the European Union Ministry of Civil Society, Communication and Culture Department, 19 February 2015 days in Izmir, "Turkey's new EU Communication Strategy" to hold dialogue meetings with civil society. [more…]


Erbaadan Pass Train Will Pass

Will Erbaa Fast Train Pass: As you know, there has been constant speculation about the train passing through Erbaa for years. “No We leave so much share on the side of the main road, no train will pass this year [more…]


The overpass was the highway death road

The overpassed highway became a death route: crossing the international Silk Road in the Üçyol district of Kozluk, where hundreds of vehicles pass through international transport, poses a great risk, especially for students and pedestrians. Every day primary school [more…]


Third bridge link roads postponed tenders

Third bridge connection road tenders postponed: Connection road tenders within the scope of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project were postponed to 6 May 2015. The connection road tenders within the scope of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project were postponed to 6 May 2015. [more…]


Silifkeye 4. bridge

4 to the silifkey. bridge gospel: Mayor of Silifke. Mustafa Turgut, from the Regional Board of Adana Conservation Cultural Heritage, 4. stating that the necessary permission for the bridge of the Silifkeliler Stone Bridge, Middle Bridge and [more…]

35 Izmir

Again Izmir is a first

Again, Izmir, another first: Turkey's first Innovation Directorate was set up by local governments in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The directorate established within the Department of Science Affairs, innovative and innovative [more…]

71 Kirikkale

The car crashed in Kirikkaya

Kırıkkalede train hit the car: Hüseyinonbaşı District of Kırıkkale Bahşılı district and the train line between the TOKI residences occurred in an accident. The train carrying the crop in the refinery train line was hit by a car. DRIVER WITHOUT Wounds [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bozankaya Attacking with New Generation Tools

Bozankaya attacking with new generation vehicles: Combining international experience with domestic production BozankayaIt will introduce its first car in representing Turkey in Eurasia Rail 2015 fair. Innovative manufacturer of rail systems and commercial vehicles Bozankaya, [more…]