Tram Line in Samsun to Tekkeköy County

Samsun tram line is being extended to Tekkeköy district: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will extend the rail system route from Ondokuz Mayıs University to Tekkeköy district with the 14-kilometer additional line to be built between Gar-Tekkeköy. [more…]

36 Kars

Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Resort

Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center: Located on the slopes of Bayraktepe in the Sarıkamış district of Kars, Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center is where the Scots pine forests are covered with white cover, crystal snow accompanied by bird sounds. [more…]

01 Adana

Allah tests the island with metro

God is testing Adana with the metro: Metro has been on Adana's agenda since the 1990s. First, route discussions began. If I remember correctly, in the late 90's, "the project is ready and will be put into service in 2001" [more…]


Kuşadası Ring Road Construction Completed

Kuşadası Ring Road Construction Has Been Completed: The bridge junction and arrangement works on the ring road, which has been one of the most important problems of the last year in Kuşadası, have been completed. With the completion of the works [more…]


No problem at Alanya Ring Road

There is no problem in Alanya Ring Road for now: Mayor Yücel, there will be no problem in the 50 Meter Ring Road project, which will be opened with the joint work of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Highways and Alanya Municipality. [more…]


The third tunnel route

Third tunnel route: The third tunnel will be opened in 2019: The passage, where three separate routes are analyzed, will be suitable for both wheeled vehicles and rail systems. The project will be put into service in 2019 [more…]


Burgas Exit Forgotten On Meric Highway

Burgas Exit was Forgotten on Meriç Highway: It was understood that the exit to Burgas city was forgotten in the construction of Meriç Highway from Bulgaria to Turkey. In the construction of the Meriç Highway from Bulgaria to Turkey, [more…]

06 Ankara

New Metro Line Coming to the City of Ankara

A New Metro Line is Coming to the Capital Ankara: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which took over the construction of 3 unfinished metro lines in the capital and put two of them into service, created a new metro line for Ankara. [more…]