18 Cankiri

Cross-Country Running Championship in Turkey True

Towards the Ski Running Turkey Championship: Towards the Ski Running Turkey Championship- Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ski team is preparing for the Turkish championship in Ilgaz Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ski team is preparing for the Ski Running Turkey Championship, which will be held on 6-8 March, at Yıldıztepe Ski Center. continues. Towards the Ski Running Turkey Championship- Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ski team is preparing for the Turkish championship in Ilgaz Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ski team, [more…]

30 Hakkari

Hakkari skiing interest

The interest of the people of Hakkari in skiing: Merga Bütan Ski Center, which has been renewed with the investments made under the leadership of the Governorship of Hakkari, is flooded by the people of Hakkari especially during the semester break and on weekends. Hakkari, which has not fallen off the agenda due to the terrorist incidents that took place in the region for many years, has made a name for itself with the positive developments experienced after the resolution process. In the city, where the winter season is harsh and the mountains are covered with snow for 6 months of the year, [more…]

07 Antalya

Time to discover Tahtali

Time to discover Tahtalı: Tahtalı Cable Car, 57 kilometers from Antalya city center, has launched a special application for nature sports enthusiasts. Those who want to walk on the route drawn on Tahtalı Mountain by the Akdeniz University Physical Education and Sports School Instructor and AKUT Antalya Unit Supervisor Yılmaz Sevgül flock to the summit. From November to end of May [more…]


Fast Train is Very Important for Erzurum's Economy and Tourism

High Speed ​​​​Train is Very Important for Erzurum's Economy and Tourism: Chairman of the Board of the Erzurum Strategic Entrepreneur Businessmen Association (ESGİAD), Mehmet Nuri Alim, stated that Erzurum lost blood, gave both a brain drain and an economic migration, and not only emigrated, but also received a poor quality migration. stated. Explaining that the slowdown in Turkey's economic growth mostly affects the employment market, ESGİAD [more…]

33 France

France Between Turkey And Block Container Freight Train Expedition Begins

Block Container Freight Train Expeditions Begin Between Turkey and France: Under the chairmanship of Cargo Department Head İbrahim ÇELİK; With the participation of DB Schenker Rail, Tranfesa and Freight Department officials, the details of the block container train to be operated between France and our country were discussed. At the meeting, it was decided that the train, of which test flights were carried out successfully before, will start its regular flights in March. 4 days a week mutually [more…]

34 Istanbul

Innovative SME Award of the Year Became Medel Electronic Company

Innovative SME of the Year Award Won Medel Electronics Company: Prime Minister Prof. Dr. KOSGEB on 29.01.2015. Dr. The 3rd SME and Entrepreneurship Awards, which will be presented to those who have achieved special success from SMEs, the driving force of the economy, with the participation of Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, the new President of KOSGEB Mr. Recep Biçer, the first organization to be held in KOSGEB, SME and Entrepreneurship Awards 2015, successful SME a rewarding [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursam on the road to becoming a metropolis

Bursam, which is on its way to becoming a metropolis: The first local tram, the first domestic subway car, now advancing rapidly to produce trains and having the longest uninterrupted urban rail system line in Turkey, bursam, which has made its mark on the firsts in the name of rail systems in Turkey, how much our seats will be. I think Bursaray is behind in terms of arrangements made for the disabled. [more…]

Asphalt News

Joy of asphalt in the snow

The joy of asphalt in the snow: The asphalting work carried out by the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, which started from the first days of the year, taking advantage of the hot weather despite the lack of asphalt season, in the Karlık District of Ortahisar district, was welcomed by the residents of the neighborhood. With the work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality teams, the main street of Karlık District has been asphalted. Expressing their satisfaction with the work done, Neighborhood Headman Halim Demirci said, [more…]

Asphalt News

Arsuz paved with asphalt

Arsuz is equipped with asphalt: Arsuz Mayor Nazım Culha, who has produced important projects for the change and development of Arsuz and has made a great effort to realize these projects, continues his efforts to make the village roads that have just joined the district borders be worthy of Arsuz. The first stage of 27 thousand tons, which was realized with the cooperation of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, is hot asphalt. [more…]

Asphalt News

Şarköy Road is in progress

Şarköy Road is under Construction: The works for Burhaniye Municipality Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Küçük Sanayi Sitesi Caddesi have started. In the past weeks, the project phase has been completed and the dismantling of the Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Küçük Sanayi Sitesi Caddesi, known as Şarköy Road, has begun after the necessary controls and studies by the Directorate of Science Affairs. The road construction work, which Burhaniye Municipality construction machines started quickly, after the dismantling of the asphalt road. [more…]


3. ropes of the bridge ready

The ropes of the bridge are ready: Inclined suspension ropes produced for the 3rd bridge project, which will relieve Istanbul traffic, are brought to the construction site. Inclined suspension ropes with a carrying capacity of up to 4 thousand 400 tons will be installed in the coming days. The 3rd bridge project, which will ease the traffic in Istanbul, continues rapidly. With the ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Elvan, the first steel construction of the bridge was made. [more…]


Mustafakemalpaşa is Changing with Highway Project

Mustafakemalpaşa is Changing with the Highway Project: Mayor of Mustafakemalpaşa, Sadi Kurtulan, said that with the Istanbul-İzmir Highway, both the organized industry and the district will gain value in terms of convenient transportation. The fact that the Istanbul-İzmir Highway project will pass through the organized industry entrance to be built in the Mustafakemalpaşa district at the Bursa stage made the people of the district and industrialists happy. Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Sadi Kurtulan said that together with the transportation that will be relieved, the economy and tourism of the district will be improved. [more…]


Afyonkarahisara Junction and Overpass

Afyonkarahisara Junction and Overpass Annunciation: Afyonkarahisar Mayor Burhanettin Çoban noted that in Afyonkarahisar, which is the junction point of the Aegean, an overpass will be made to Özdilek Junction and Çakır Village Junction, where traffic is intense, and a tunnel crossing to Kırkalıoğlu Beli. Mayor Çoban, who made a statement at the City Council meeting on the subject, said that the overpass and tunnel pass tender will be awarded to Transportation, Maritime and [more…]


Earthquake in Hakkar

Landslide in Hakkari: It has been stated that 6 houses are in danger of collapse due to the landslide that occurred after the road widening work in the Bağlarbaşı district of Durankaya town of Hakkari. About 5 years ago, the highways started road widening works in the town through a company. It was stated that some families faced death due to the landslide that occurred after the works. Residence in Bağlarbaşı [more…]


Marmaris-Muğla highway road landslide

Landslide on Marmaris-Muğla highway: There were disruptions in transportation due to landslides in two regions in Marmaris district of Muğla. According to the information obtained, landslides occurred in the district after heavy rains that continued at intervals for a week. The soil and rocks that fell on the road with a landslide that occurred in the Armutalan area of ​​the Marmaris-Datça highway in the morning were cleared by the teams of the Highways Branch Chief. The second landslide occurred on the Marmaris-Muğla highway. [more…]


Highway contract workers move to file a criminal complaint

Highway subcontractor workers took action to make a criminal complaint: Subcontractor workers working on the highway are going to the judiciary for two ministers and their undersecretaries who did not give a staff despite the Supreme Court decision. The Turkish Yol-İş Union is preparing to file a criminal complaint against the officials of the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance and General Directorate of Highways, who did not give the positions of 6 thousand 547 subcontracted workers approved by the Supreme Court decision. Yunus TIRYAKI- TODAY NEWSPAPER [more…]


The road was closed when the crack in the highway grew, the transport was taken to the lane

When the crack on the highway got bigger, the road was closed, transportation was taken to the opposite lane: 17 kilometers of the road was closed to transportation, as the crack that had recently formed near Erenköy (İntepe) on the 2th kilometer of the Çanakkale-İzmir Highway became larger and deeper. From the closed section, the opposite direction, which was double, was reduced to a single lane and started to be used for going and coming. A few days ago on the highway from Çanakkale to İzmir direction. [more…]

07 Antalya

ATSO President Budak: The expressions of high-speed train to Antalya do not reflect the truth

Cetin Osman Budak, President of Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO), brought up the proposal to build an airport in the Finike-Demre-Kaş region in order to facilitate the transportation of tourists coming to the western districts of Antalya. A joint board meeting was held by ATSO, Kumluca Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KUTSO) and Kumluca Commodity Exchange (KUTBO). first partner [more…]


If the speed of traffic increases by 50, the risk of death increases by 6

If the speed in traffic increases by 50 percent, the risk of death increases 6 times: The General Directorate of Security warned the drivers on the website of the Traffic Services Presidency, reminding that hundreds of people are lost in traffic accidents every year in Turkey and they experience billions of lira financial loss. In the warning letter titled 'Speed ​​and Accident Risk in Traffic' on the website of the Directorate of Traffic Services of the General Directorate of Security, the harms of speed are stated. [more…]


Istanbul residents will be home sooner

Istanbulites will be at home earlier: Works on Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge will be completed earlier than the anticipated date, and OGS and HGS are located in the same lane. The works started on the toll collection system on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge on January 25 were completed and the traffic flow on the bridge returned to normal. With the new arrangement, drivers can make bridge crossings with OGS and HGS recognizers located on each lane. on the FSM Bridge [more…]

55 Samsun

SAMULAŞ Ropeway Team Training

SAMULAŞ Organized Training for Ropeway Team: Theoretical and practical training was organized for the technical personnel of SAMULAŞ A.Ş. working at Batıpark Ropeway Facilities. During the two-day training, the participants were informed about cable car maintenance and emergency response, and practical training was provided in line with emergency scenarios. Intervention in a short time to malfunctions that may occur during operation, regular periodic checks/maintenances, emergency [more…]


32 kilometer with freeway ready

32 kilometer Ring Road is ready: Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel said, “The current ring road of Alanya is not enough and it is now in the city. We will build a 32-kilometer new ring road in Alanya," he said. While these words of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, who announced that they will make an infrastructure investment of 2015 million TL in Alanya only for 62, created excitement in the city, Türel's new [more…]

34 Istanbul

Trends in Logistics Sector Research 4. Announcing Quarterly Results

The 4th Quarter Results of the Survey on Trends in the Logistics Sector are Announced: Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, Logistics Applications and Research Center (BLUARM) and the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD) have carried out jointly the "Trends in the Logistics Sector" since 2013 takes the pulse of the industry. “October-December 2014 Realizations of the research carried out under the consultancy of Researcher Bülent Tanla, the well-known name of public opinion polls in Turkey. [more…]


The last form of the Gulf Crossing Bridge

The final version of the Gulf Crossing Bridge: Gebze, Orhangazi, İzmir Highway Project is being implemented by the General Directorate of Highways with the Build-Operate-Transfer model. The most important part of this project, the construction of the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge, continues uninterruptedly. İzmir Bay Crossing Bridge is being implemented with an investment of 1.1 billion dollars. It consists of 3 lanes, 3 departures and 6 arrivals. [more…]


TCDD Statistics Yearbook 2013

TCDD Statistics Yearbook 2013: TCDD Railway Annual Statistics, including the years 009-2013, has been published. TCDD has 2013 personnel according to 29.901 data. The number of passengers carried by YHT, which carries 88 passengers with 12 sets operated on high-speed train lines with a length of 1.185.377 km, in 2013 is 4.207.324. The length of the existing conventional lines is 12.097 km. 3.304 km of these lines are electric. [more…]