06 Ankara

Ankara at the subway

Ankara leader in the subway, Izmir is on the attack: The importance of the rail system, which is aimed to invest 2020 billion Euros (10 billion dollars) in Istanbul by 12, is important in the last snowfall. [more…]

single cozum national industry
Intercity Railways

TUVASASA Escort of National Train Wagons

The wagons of the national train are entrusted to TÜVASAŞ: Electric train sets (EMU) will be produced by TÜVASAŞ within the scope of the national train. National train wagons planned to be on the tracks in 2018 are completely at TÜVASAŞ. [more…]

34 Istanbul

The third tunnel will open in 2019

The third tunnel will be opened in 2019: The passage where three separate routes are analyzed will be suitable for both the wheeled vehicle and the rail system. The project is planned to be opened in 2019. President [more…]