46 Kahramanmaras

Snow Festival in Kahramanmaraş

Snow Festival in Kahramanmaraş: Snow Festival in Kahramanmaraş - The 1st Snow Festival was organized by Merkez Dulkadiroğlu Municipality - Citizens who participated in the Snow Festival held for the first time in the city had both picnics, [more…]


Samsun fast train waits more

Samsun waits for the high-speed train more: With the discourses such as “started to talk about 10 years ago”, the fast-paced rice pilaf of politicians who did not give up any election time [more…]


Izmir has no highway access

There is no road transportation to Izmire: Sabuncubeli location between Izmir and Manisa was closed due to lorries that were lost due to snow. The expected snow came to Izmir in the morning. While the mountains around the city turn white [more…]

Intercity Railways

Two models for rail investments

Two models for railway investments: Stating that the government's target for 2023 is 10 thousand kilometers of railway, Bağcı said that 560 kilometers of this concern the Çorum route. AK Party Corum [more…]


In the city of Kyrgyzstan

Automobile knocked over the tramway in Konya 1 injured: The driver of the vehicle knocked over the tramway in Konya was injured. 42 KB 436 license plate car, whose driver's identity has not been determined yet, is effective at Kunduracılar Junction [more…]


Wheat Covered Batman-Siirt Ring Road

Wheat covered the Batman-Siirt Ring Road: On the Batman-Siirt Ring Road, the wheat loaded with the wheat was opened and the half-tone wheat was scattered on the road. Workers have difficulty collecting wheat under precipitation [more…]