Saka Participated in Master Plan Workshop for Back to Field Path and Rail Banages

Saka Attended the Master Plan Workshop on Port Backyard Road and Railway Connections: Aliağa Chamber of Commerce (ALTO) Chairman Adnan Saka, "Ports Backfield Road and General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYDM), conducted by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. He participated in the Railway Connections Master Plan Workshop.

ALTO President Saka conveyed the things to be done about the Nemrut ports region to the Ministry officials in the 1st and 2nd Interim Report of the “Ports Backspace Highway and Railway Connections Master Plan Study” prepared by Dolsar Engineering and Dolfen Engineering Joint Venture. Speaking at the meeting President ALTO Adnan Saka, Turkey and the Aegean Region and connects a global network of export and import port of Nemrut backcourt door that said that the road and rail links should be completed as soon as possible.

Combined transport accelerates the region kazanNoting that freight corridors are formed in the world, which include different modes of transportation rather than a single mode of transportation and reach further destinations with intermodal transportation methods, Saka said, "In order for our country to reach 2023 targets and to have a say in the competition with our competitors in the world, especially in Aliağa, including maritime transportation. A global transport strategy should be developed and put into practice, which will form a part of the whole by considering all modes of transport.

At this point, with the realization of the master plan to be made in the field of combined transportation, the demand and economic growth in the region will increase even more. ” The existing highway does not remove this intensity. Saka underlined that an average of 4 and 500 thousand heavy vehicles originating from the port in the Aliağa Ports Area road network is participating in traffic, and said, “As Petkim port starts operating in the last quarter of the year, it will be included in the traffic of 5 million trucks per year.

Considering that there is an average of 40 thousand vehicle passes per day, including civilian vehicles, and an average of 2 thousand 750 container trucks per day will be added to the existing highway, which will not meet the traffic density, Aliağa-İzmir highway will be at an incredible density and risk in the coming period. This situation is definitely not sustainable. For this reason, Aliağa-İzmir ring road should be completed as soon as possible and it should be connected to the ports region. ”

All ports should be connected to the railway. Saka emphasized that the road and rail connection is of great importance in terms of fast and safe load flow in the region, “Therefore, the back road and rail connections on the port basis should be examined by considering the ports and facilities in the region separately. Considering the importance of the connection, especially the connection of the railway junction line should be given priority ”. Sake, at the end of his speech for the work they do at the point of ports to meet the requirements of road and railway yard in Turkey Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry officials thanked.

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