Tufanbeyli - Tomarza Road Included in Highways Network

Tufanbeyli - Tomarza Road was added to the Highways Network: Governor Orhan Düzgün said that the 52 km long Toklar-Aslantaş-Ayvat-Tufanbeyli route, which will contribute to the socio-economic development of Tomarza and its region, has been added to the Highways network.
Governor Düzun said in a statement, connecting the town of Tomarza Adana and Kahramanmaras Toklar-Aslantaş-Ayvat-Tufanbeyli road is very busy and is very important by the people of the region, he said.
Tufanbeyli district is far from Adana City Center and the citizens living in the region by using the Ayvat-Aslantaş-Toklar road route to the city of Tomarza and Kayseri Province Center, Kayseri province for health education, such as reminding that they benefit from the Governor Düzgün, the road route is taken to the network and now better standards will be offered to the service of citizens said.
Tomarza-Toklar-Aslantaş-Ayvat-Tufanbeyli road to the road network with Tomarza from Adana Tufanbeyli and Kahramanmaras Göksun districts and neighborhoods 226 km to 126 km to the distance falls.




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