Between Kars and Arpaçay 10 Day Off Road

Between Kars and Arpaçay 10 Day Asphalt Paving Road Breaked: Kars-Turkey Regional Directorate of Highways, and the work can not be completed by the Kars-Arpaçay road asphalt completed and the 12-15 day before the section of the traffic opened in short pits filled with the reaction of drivers and peasants caused.
Highways 18. Regional Directorate of Kars-Arpaçay between the road works can not be finished in any way and the finished parts of the short-term deteriorated drivers who use the route devastated.
The drivers of the road works without any plans and without the project, the state's money is wasted, 10 day before the opening of the Kars-Arpaçay highway road at the village of Yolboyu pits occurred and the road has been broken in a short time, the authorities called on the authorities said.
Lar 20 has been carrying passengers on 25 for years, aç said Atif Keser, who provided passenger transportation between Kars-Arpaçay for years. Arpaçay's road problem is not solved, I do not believe that will be solved. ZNV-5 is a zero-per-month vehicle. Door adjustment, hinge adjustment, passengers do not ride our vehicle. Kasis disturbance did not improve in line phase. We voted in political terms. Again we did not see the benefit. 6 was the year that has to be done over the years, 1 has been done again. Winter conditions, weather conditions, no allowances. Actually, there's a payoff. There's money. In particular, the road going from Kars to Kars, especially the 5 road junction, the road was made 4-5 times. The money's gone. The road has not happened again. Now it's the pit again. Akyaka, Akçakele road has started since the spring was still done. The 6 kilometer is one way to dig up the entire road. In fact, if they do part chapters at least our cars 3 kilometers goes on the road, on the other hand continues after. The road is crazier, the better, the better place, the 3 day car took my car was banged. This didn't work out. I don't believe it will. We told the deputies, the minister. But not solved. It's not going to be solved. ”She reacted.
39 kilometers of the road, indicating that the 7 drivers are not completed, X Kars-Arpaçay is irrational. There is no direction that would suit Turkey. Arpaçay with Serhat and Serhat Kars between 39 kilometers, not 40. Total 6-7 cannot be done in the year. This is difficult. Is this road construction a show for people? Or is it a sign for the people? Our friends who work here are going to Kars by breaking new cars. These roads need to be finished as soon as possible. In November, the asphalt discarded in the 10 day by recording, Zayim and Arpaçay 4 mileage, 4 mileage could not do. They're still in progress. Go in the mud, break the shock absorber. Tire. They've made asphalt, potholes. In front of me, he was hit by a taxi from Kars, and it was not clear where he was going. The man was flying. That road was newly built. A week of asphalt is broken. Bir
The arrival of the asphalt works are done beautifully, the drivers noted that the state's money was wasted and that the authorities should do the necessary actions about the company taking this route.
On the other hand, the roads between Kars and Arpaçay, which cannot be completed for about 6 years, are deteriorating in a short time. The road between the road between the village of Arbaçay, where the pits were formed asphalt was recently laid.


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