D-400 Highway Maintenance in the Metropolitan Municipality

Maintenance of D-400 Highway Metropolitan Municipality: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and Highways 5. The protocol signed between the Regional Directorate and the maintenance of the D-400 highway was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality.
Mayor Kocamaz stated that all maintenance and irrigation works of the medians on the road route from Yenice to Anamur, except for the highway in the highways network, were transferred to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality with the signed protocol, and the necessary works of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Urban Aesthetics and Green Areas Department in this region stated that he continued. Emphasizing that the 34th Street and the Stadium Junction is also the prestige of Mersin, Kocamaz said, “There is always a need for maintenance in this region. Especially, our Department of Urban Aesthetics and Green Areas will be interested in the work here ”.
Emphasizing that they want to act together with all institutions of the state while executing the services, Kocamaz said, Koc The service is given not only to certain people but to all people of this country on an equal basis. Thus, in a city of peace and tranquility, we want to create a Turkey, the state, the nation, with local governments and with civil society organizations to engage with all people, we are being forced to integrate. We are obliged to complete each other. This service will be one of them. Mersin and our country, this protocol is the best of this protocol, "he said.


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