Stones of the Historical Bridge

The stones of the historical bridge were left in the middle: During the construction works of Sinop- Samsun highway, it was decided to move the historical bridge that emerged last January to another place and the stones were numbered one by one. The stones were re-installed in the area where the bridge was rebuilt, causing the reaction of those who saw it.
During the excavations carried out in Demirci Village Yeni Cuma Deresi location for the construction of Sinop-Samsun highway, a historical bridge was found last January. Thereupon, road construction was suspended. Samsun Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board, which examined the survey, restitution and restoration projects of the 7th Regional Directorate of Highways, decided to move to the Boyabat intersection location 24 kilometers from the place where the registered historical stone bridge is located, and to be exhibited. About a month ago, the stones of the historic bridge were numbered one by one and removed. Stones were taken to the empty land in the designated place. However, it spread out haphazardly.
Emine Balaban, Chief Engineer of Art Structures of the 7th Regional Directorate of Highways, stated that the bridge was estimated to have been built in the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid in 1839-1861. Noting that the dismantled bridge stones are under protection at the construction site, Balaban said, “Since the weather conditions are not suitable at the moment, it will be reassembled in its new place in April as the weather gets better. All of the stones are numbered, lined up according to the column, and are stored on site in a disassembled manner. "It is not possible for even a single one to disappear.

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