Mihaylo Pupin Bridge opened after 79 years on Danube River

The Mihaylo Pupin Bridge, built on the Danube River 79 years later, was opened: Between the Zemun and Borça districts of Serbia's capital Belgrade, the 1507-meter-long Mihaylo Pupin Bridge, built on the Danube River, was opened with a ceremony.
The opening of the bridge was attended by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vuçic, as well as Chinese Prime Minister Li Kiçiang in Belgrade to attend the "China, Central and Eastern European Countries Summit".
In his speech after the opening, Vuçiç quoted the words of Nobel laureate Bosnian writer Ivo Andriç, saying, “Nothing is more valuable than the bridges between the works of man. Because they are everyone, they are different from other structures and do not serve anything that is bad. ”
Vucic, who said the new bridge over the Danube River was built by construction companies from China and Serbia, said this bridge would be a symbol of friendship and cooperation between the peoples of China and Serbia.
Chinese Prime Minister Li also noted that the opening of the new bridge will accelerate transportation and said this bridge is the pr common fruit ağ of China and Serbia.
Mihaylo Bridge Pupin
Mihayo Pupin Bridge, which is the first bridge built on the Danube River after 79 years, is named after the Serbian American scientist Mihaylo Idvorski Pupin, who lived between 1858-1935.
2011 meters long, 1507 meters wide and 29.1 meters high. 22.8 million dollars worth of the financing of the bridge was paid by the Chinese Exim Bank 260'in.
Pançevo Bridge was built in Belgrade last 79 years ago on the Danube River.

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