The Tunca Bridge gets luminous

The Tunca Bridge has become illuminated: The historical Tunca Bridge in Edirne has been liberated from the darkness after the restoration work.
The construction of the bridge, whose real name is “Defterdar Ekmekçizade Ahmet Pasha Bridge” and known as Tunca Bridge among the people, started in 1608. The bridge, built on the Tunca River, one of the most important architectural structures of the Ottoman period, was opened to service in 1613. The historical bridge, which served humanity for centuries, was heavily damaged as a result of the great flood disaster in the 1900s. The historical bridge, which was later repaired, continued to serve the people of the region. The bridge, which has worn over time, has been repaired about 10 years ago. Date passed through the restoration in an appropriate manner to the original bridge, Elm Edirne, continues to provide transport services between Turkey and Greece.
Tunca Bridge, which continues to serve vehicle and human passage, forms an integrity with the river and Selimiye Mosque. The century-old bridge, admired by those who come and go with its magnificent appearance during the day, is buried in darkness with the darkness of the air. The bridge, which is illuminated only by vehicle lights, shows its face again with daylight. Studies conducted in previous years to illuminate the historical bridge did not yield results. With the appointment of Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Şahin, the works on this issue came to the agenda again.
The prepared projects were sent to the conservation board. Work began with the approval of approval. The works started in early May were completed. With its magnificent structure, the historic bridge that fascinates people has been illuminated, and it has a brilliant appearance in the darkness of night. The lights of the bridge were opened with a grand ceremony. Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Sahin, Mayor Recep Gürkan and top executives of the province attended the ceremony on the banks of the Tunca River.
The opening program started with the show of the mehter team consisting of Roma. Then the folk dance team appeared on the stage. Going to the podium after the shows, Governor Dursun Ali Şahin emphasized the importance of the historical bridge and reminded that the bridge had served humanity for 500 years. When I read the historical illuminations of the bridge in 1910, he said, "I said, we're pretty late." Şahin said that there was a lot of effort before the bridge was illuminated.
Expressing that 4 governors are working on this issue, Governor Şahin said, “The result was a project presentation, and a good project presentation in a good environment could not be adopted by the members of the board. Nasip was with us. We spent the effort and finally managed to reach the target. This is lighting time this evening. I say, make your day bright and your night bright. ” used expressions.
Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan stated that the Tunca Bridge has been carrying the burden and grief of the Edireans and even the Balkans for almost 500 years. Emphasizing that the bridge, which was damaged in time, was restored and restored, Gürkan said: “It was reunited but we could not manage to illuminate these bridges. Then one day, a courageous man was appointed to our city. Someone who truly loves Edirne and the history of the city, who is in love with Edirne as much as we do and who wants to serve; Dear Governor, Dursun Ali Şahin. ”
Reminding that governor Dursun Ali Şahin struggled with light and bridges to lighten the bridges, Gürkan said, “He took out the allowance, made his tender and made agreements. We've finally come to today. As the Mayor of Edirne, I sincerely thank the governor for bringing our bridges from darkness to light. ” spoke in the form.
After the opening speeches, the lights of the bridge were opened and the bridge in the dark became bright. The light show at the opening and the fireworks made the guests enjoy the moments.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:10

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