New Trams of the Sector

New Trams of Konya: “Dear passengers, please proceed to the back”.
Our tram, which carries perhaps more than 10 percent of the city's public transportation load, continues to be renewed. More than half of the trams that will work between 50 and Campus Aladdin came to our city. Not so much like the likes of the new trams pretty much! I'm one of those people I don't like. When it comes to the reasons, the seats designed in the 60 seating arrangement are too close to each other, and the citizen and the kneeler sitting in front of you can make an intimate journey and not be able to travel.
Ar Do not criticize anything, my brother, please be satisfied… you say… I'm talking about the first of the trams in the first tram. Afterwards, the response of the citizen was discussed with the factory and the distance was increased by 15 cm. Now, if we were to criticize, would this result be taken? 5 million TL is paid to these vehicles!
If you think that the first thing you can do everything in a duck, the citizen can face difficulties when traveling standing trial and error, the 'seat layout how the best would be if people were tired of this much said? Standing on the new trams is the torture to make the trip literally.
When we first brought these trams to our city, we said that we would look for old with friends and unfortunately we are looking for.
Oh, is there no good about these new trams? Wouldn't it be okay… Once they were silent. During a trip with your friend sohbet or you will be broadcasting to the whole tram!
Technological too… If you can sit on their seats, they are extremely comfortable! Your landing and boarding is extremely comfortable and painless. It is perfect for our elderly and disabled citizens. So there are both pros and cons.
I think that some citizens make the journey in public transportation even more difficult. We all know the intensity of all public transport vehicles, especially during working hours and exits. The bus is on the bus and on the trams org People have the feeling of drowsiness in the morning, the tiredness of the evening, or the way they feel when they get stuck! Moving to the back is as if they were sinful.
In this case, the press pushes the button; ”Dear passengers, please proceed to the rear“. In fact, in general, the backside remains empty. But for some reason, the front-end clicked, Vatman presses the friend button one more time, one more, one more tık Unfortunately people are not progressing. I'm calling out to the people in the front. Since you are not going forward, you are entering the right of people who cannot take the tram and have to go to work, to pass the exam and to pay heavy prices. This is the right to use and is really a very sensitive issue! What happens next?
In the meantime, the last 1 month of the trams in the mornings, there is a reason why it is overloaded, of course, I said and did research. Since our trams are electrified, I learned that the transformers supplying the line are inadequate and exploded. The number of trams on the line increases, no matter how much the transformers are repaired, unfortunately explodes! Therefore, public transportation authorities cannot run more trams on the line. When the number of vehicles is low, there is an extreme density. “We need to make the most of the feasibility without doing a job ini and now we have understood in a practical way better and bitter.

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