The Transportation Problem of Şanlıurfa

Transportation Problem of Şanlıurfa was put on the table: The solution of the growing and developing Şanlıurfa's increasing traffic problem was discussed. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Celalettin Güvenç and Yalova University Engineering Faculty Dean and Transportation Engineering Department Head Prof. Dr. He held a meeting with Rafet Bozdoğan. In the meeting, the future transportation problems of Şanlıurfa, projects and revisions of existing projects were discussed. In the meeting held for the transportation of the city, the 50-meter wide road and side roads planned to be built in the area from the Riot Force Crossroad to the end of Karaköprü, the Northwest Ring Road, the transportation project to be implemented from Abide Junction to Haleplibahçe, Smart Intersections and the new Bridge Intersections and the transportation problems of the districts were discussed.
After the meeting, Mayor Güvenç and Prof. Dr. Bozdoğan determined the areas of projects to be implemented in the busiest areas of Şanlıurfa and evaluated the work to be done. Tradesmen and public on the route during the investigations sohbet President Güvenç gave information about transportation projects and listened to their opinions and demands.
Professor Dr. Rafet Bozdoğan and Siverek Mayor Resul Yilmaz, Siverek district, the investigation, Diyarbakir-Siverek-Sanliurfa, Siverek-Cermik road, Cumhuriyet Street and the city square project to visit the Hükumet Mansion areas, Siverek evaluated the details of the planned projects. Prof. Dr. Güvenç gave information about the Siverek District to the Transportation Revision Meeting. Dr. Bozdogan, Siverek transportation plans on the transportation map was passed.

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