İstanbul Sefaköy-İstoç Havaray Project (Special Report)

Istanbul Sefaköy-İstoç havaray project: Eski Küçükçekmece mayor Aziz Yeniay announced that they would speed up the project of the Metropolitan Municipality for the metro network to reach the Olympic Village.
Aziz Yeniay, municipal transformation projects to be done in the municipality argued that the municipality literature. Noting that Küçükçekmece is the most problematic district in terms of infrastructure, landscaping and reconstruction movements of Istanbul, Yeniay said, hareket We will perform urban transformation projects in the coming 5 year. In this sense we will place the Küçükçekmece model. The infrastructure problems of our district will be completely finished. Now there is no time to lose Küçükçekmece. Artık He said.


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  1. Aziz Yeniay is not the Mayor of Küçükçekmece. Please rectify!

  2. The former Küçükçekmece mayor Aziz Yeniay writes