Vadistanbul Havaray Project

Vadistanbul finukuler
Vadistanbul finukuler

Vadistanbul Havaray Project: The Vadistanbul project, which is located on the Ayazağ land of Evyap, is one of the leading brands of the construction sector, Artaş Group and İnvest Group, has been developed on a land of 424 thousand square meters. 3 housing, 1.915 thousand square meter shopping center, 103 is located on a street of 760 meters and has a total area of ​​a thousand square meters street shops, restaurants and 22 square meters. The project, which is arranged according to the road transportation axles, also provides many connection ways to facilitate the access of the car owners to the roads.

The Havaray project will allow residents in the Vadistanbul living area to access the nearest public transportation point, Seyrantepe Metro Station (M2 Metro) and the Istanbul Metro network. All project management works are carried out by BALANS PROJECT MANAGEMENT, from the feasibility stage to the commissioning of the project, which will be assigned to the administration for the first time by the private sector. Balans Project Management, which has a team of experts in advanced construction technologies, especially in industrial and logistic facilities, also has an important knowledge in transporting passengers in the rail system.

In order to connect Seyrantepe Metro Station and Vadistanbul Project, different transportation systems have been evaluated by BALANS PROJECT MANAGEMENT and VADISTANBUL. The ”funicular system işlet with ATO (without driver and all controls being operated with computer systems) and without a driver's cab is preferred due to the slope, narrow curves and distance traveled by% 8.

The 'Havaray Project', where the works are carried out at the latest pace, is the first of its kind. With the realization of the project, the passengers will be able to enter the XMUMX. from solid, Seyrantepe Metro station, which is managed by fully driverless system in Turkey for the first time, the driver will be transported by a public transport system without a cabinet. Vadistanbul havaray is one of the few examples of the first world in Turkey in terms of rail passenger transport in short lines.

With the ”Investment Incentive Certificate den received from the Ministry of Economy for the ilk Vadistanbul Havaray Project ından, it is the first in our country in terms of being exempt from VAT. The process of obtaining Investment Incentive Certificate was also followed by BALANS PROJET MANAGEMENT.

The line length is about 750 meters. prefabricated beams, cast-in-place reinforced concrete viaducts and stations were designed considering the earthquake risks in the region. Above rail elevation; The side of Vadistanbul station starts from + 25.000 height and ends at + 64.900 in Seyrantepe station. In the project, 3500 ppdph is used as the passenger capacity. The vehicles manufactured with the latest technology are designed to accommodate at least% 250 of passengers with a capacity of 10. Environmentally friendly air-conditioning and LED lighting systems are used in the vehicles, and the materials used in the construction and construction process are environmentally friendly.

There are even two stations. The first of these stations is located in the viaduct on the side of Vadistanbul and consists of two side platforms. Passengers departing from the perpendicular to the Vadistanbul Shopping Complex are the 2. They will be able to reach. The other entrance to the station is located on the eastern side of the Vadistanbul campus. Seyrantepe Station, which is the second station of the line, is located in the viaduct with the warehouse / maintenance workshop and consists of two side platforms. The machine room and control unit of the funicular system are located in this station. M2 Yenikapı-Hacısoman line, which is under the responsibility of Metro İstanbul AŞ, which is a metro operating company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will be integrated with the GS TT Arena stadium tunnel from the stops to the Industrial Station.

Another application that will be implemented by Havaray line is istasyon platform screen door (PSD) uygulam systems which will allow passengers to travel safely in stations. This system will be fully optimized by means of vehicles and will prevent passengers from falling to the rail track and will make safer journeys.

Within the scope of the project, the architectural design, station interior design and design and application of the finer works have been studied with the companies which are shown as the best in the world.

In accordance with EU standards, solutions were prepared for fire and emergency situations and risk scenarios were prepared. In case of disruption of the vehicles and undesirable situations, the vehicle system which has the equipment to carry the passengers to the stations was preferred with the emergency and safe driving system. In case of emergency, passenger routing will be done automatically. Also, in order to avoid pausing in the system due to any faults in the system, the control system and vehicles with low probability of failure, high reliability and redundant equipment will be used.

Vadistanbul Havaray; completely designed and handled according to disabled passengers.
Within the scope of internal audit of Vadistanbul, the project is also expected to have a certificate before it is commissioned. The certification process is also followed by Balans Project Management.

Technical Specifications of the Project
Number of Stations: 2
Station Locations: Vadistanbul (1 units), TT Arena (1 pieces)
Length of the line: 748.35 m
Terrain Cube Difference: 61 m
Overhead Rail Difference: 40 m
Tilt: max.% 8.00
Other: Normal route will be single line, intermediate crossing zone will be double line.
Operating speed of vehicles: V max: 7 m / s
Operating Capacity: min. 3500 ppdph
Number of Vehicles: 2
Number of bogies: 2 pieces / vehicle
Carrying capacity of vehicles: 20 tone / vehicle
Engine Power: 480 / 750 kW

Project Solution Partners
Project Management and Audit: Balans Project Management (Logo)
Project Design: Tekfen Engineering
Funicular Electromechanical System Supplying and Assembling: BMF

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