Winter punishment comes heavy punishment

A heavy punishment is imposed on those who do not wear winter tires: Bolu Mountain Police House Meeting Hall “2014-2015 Year Winter Measures Information and Evaluation Coordination Meeting“ and meeting was held yesterday. While determining the roads to be followed at the meeting, it was decided to apply 519 Tl money penalty to those who do not use winter tires.
Deputy Governor Mustafa Kemal Keskin, the District Governor, Bolu Mayor, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Police Department, Provincial Health Directorate, Highways 4. Regional Directorate, Provincial Directorate of National Education, General Secretariat of Special Provincial Administration, Highways 41. 42. 43. Branch Chiefs, Çaydurt and Cankurtaran Highway Maintenance Operations Chiefs, DSI 53. Branch Directorate, Bolu Kızılay Branch Presidency, Bolu Drivers and Automobile Chamber authorities attended.
In the meetings, during the winter season, Municipality, Highways, Highway Maintenance and Operation, General Secretariat of Special Provincial Administration, Regional Directorate of Forestry and DSI 53. Branch Directorate teams to ensure that the Bolu highway route is open to traffic, in case of any negativity, fire brigade, accident and so on. intervening with vehicles, increasing the frequency of the inspections on the route of responsibility by teams of Provincial Gendarmerie Command and Provincial Security Directorate, intervening in the most rapid manner against accidents that may occur, providing closure of road and accidents and ambulance services to the scene as soon as possible; Provincial Directorate of National Education, especially in the snowy days of continuous contact with the relevant theories, although the road closure and road cleaning work can not be opened to provide information for the purpose of vacationing in schools, 24 hour-based planning and intervention styles were determined.
Due to the start of the winter season, 01 December 2014 and 01 April 2015 between the dates of the truck, minibus and “A” type of automobile registered in all the tires; all tires on the driven axles of trucks, towers, tankers and buses, as well as all tires on the axles with semi-trailers and trailers, are winter tires, the tread depth of other tires is 4 mm. the necessary audits were taken by the related institutions.
In line with these decisions, 519,00 TL Administrative Fines will be applied for those who are required to use winter tires but do not.
Drivers and vehicles to use Bolu route; vehicles chain, wedge and tow rope must be inspected in terms of necessity.



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