Üsküdar Havaray Line Project Was In The Air

Is the Üsküdar Havaray Line Project in the Air? The plan modification proposal for the Üsküdar Havaray Line showed that the project prepared before the election was handled hastily into the plans.

February 2014 dated Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly session on the 1 / 5000 plan with a majority of the vote Üsküdar Libadiye Street Havaray Line plans on the agenda of the parliamentary session on the plan to change the plan before the local elections 30 March was a clear statement that the projects are being handled.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas'ın relevant report in Istanbul before the local elections in March, announced that one of the havaray projects Üsküdar Libadiye Havaray Project, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has not been approved yet.

In the report which contains the proposed plan amendment proposal in the June parliamentary session of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it is not possible to implement the application without any modification of the 1 / 1000 scale zoning plan. , Civil Aviation, TEİAŞ General Directorates, as well as the shortcomings were addressed. The report was adopted with the votes of members of the AKP, despite opposition from CHP councilors on the grounds of public interest.

Reconstruction Commission Member of CHP Sedat Özkan, said about the plan renovation; It was seen as a project used as pre-election election material in which the views of public institutions and organizations where detailed feasibility projects were not taken into consideration. We think that this project is not a project that will solve both public interest and transportation problem of Istanbul residents. Bu

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