Governor Zahteroğulları intersections

Governor Zahteroğulları Hand to the intersections: after several consecutive accidents in our city, the Governor of Bolu Ahmet Zahteroğulları, re-work at the intersections of the highway 4. He asked for the Regional Directorate.
Karacasu Junction, Filiz Makarna Junction and Org. Eşref Bitlis Barracks for the intersection of the Governor of Bolu Ahmet Zahteroğulları, wanted to start work. Highways 4. Governor Zahterogullari, who wanted to make a detailed study about the subject from the Regional Directorate, is among the two major metropolitan cities of Bolu such as Ankara and Istanbul. Stating that it is a province with intensive tourism mobility, it is increasing the importance of road, pedestrian and vehicle safety.
The letter sent by the Governor of Bolu Ahmet Zahteroğulları to the Directorate of Highways 4. D-100 highway between Bolu-Çaydurt, especially in the areas of pedestrian and vehicle traffic due to residential areas and the Seben-Kizilcik District road route and approximately 200 thousand people visited the year with the Lake Gölköy Nature Park in the Karacasu Thermal Region, wounded, mortal and in the event that there has been an increase in the traffic accidents which have been damaged, there is an improvement in the following points in order to ensure the safe flow of traffic on the Dolu-Çanakurt highway (Bolu-Çaydurt) and Bolu-Kıbrıscık-Seben (Bolu-Karacasu-Gölcük Natural Park Road). studies are needed.
In this article, which included the findings of the 3 junction where the most accidents occurred, the following statements were given;
Karacasu Junction: This intersection is a modern junction with 3 sleeves and connects Bolu with Seben and Kıbrıscık districts. In the last year, 3 material damage and 1 material traffic accident occurred at this intersection. At the point of the intersection, the road is suddenly narrowed (two lanes to one lane) is a danger.
Filiz Makarna Junction: This intersection store serves as a junction. However, due to the intense use of this junction; heavy tonnage trucks from factories and industrial areas are installed as trucks and the traffic of large vehicles is in danger because of the returns.
Organ. Eşref BİTLİS Barracks Junction: Although there is a new junction, there is no signalization. D-100 highway Org. The average 120-150 vehicle entry and exit at the beginning and end hours of work at Eşref BİTLİS Barracks section. For this reason, it is a danger for the vehicle traffic coming from the direction of Ankara because it intends to approach the roundabout at the beginning of the working hours and the vehicle density at the left lane of the road coming from Bolu direction. In addition, due to the high number of settlements (dwellings and dwellings) located in the barracks, vehicle and human circulation increase the load of the intersection.
Bolu governor Ahmet Zahteroğulları, who wanted to reorganize these intersections from the highways, asked that the necessary investigations and investigations be carried out about the intersections and that they should be transformed into signalized intersections or alternative measures should be taken.

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