Domestic cars are built, but this is not a pardon

Domestic cars are made, but this is not a pardon: Toyota Marketing and Sales Inc. CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt, the Automotive Strategy Document imagined the extent that create an impact on Turkey's new strategy document to be said that they expect automotive production base of more effective reforms.
Bozkurt noted that the new document should be dealt with in more detail and said, Avrupa I put it all together in the sense of quality, logistical meaning, not a strong candidate in Europe, in Russia or in the Middle East. We should not miss this, am he said.
Turkey, native produce an automobile that can save their own means to the finest detail, Bozkurt said he discussed whether it is an economic idea. Bozkurt am It is not impossible, but we need to be realistic. This business is such a large investment that 'pardon'u not. We're talking about billions of dollars of investment M.
850 should not fall from one thousand
Booth, also an emphasis on the height of tax in Turkey, said:
Iyor If there was no SCT, only VAT would be paid as in Europe, the 50 will be worth a thousand pounds of 35 thousand pounds. In such a scenario, a minimum of Turkey's potential 1.5 million. Even if our 1 isn't million, we shouldn't fall into the 850-900 market. When the market began to hover over Turkey 1 million, brands that production in Turkey will consider the production of additional models. Even without any investment, even for brands in Turkey Turkey, it will begin to appear as a manufacturing center. "




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