Aliağa İZBAN Station Feed Line or Doldya Kentkart

Feeding Line to İZBAN or Kentkart to Minibus: The supply line expected to be put in the Aliağa İZBAN station by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not show any progress despite all the demands.

While the expectation of Eshot in Aliağa increased every year, we asked the citizens about their demands on this issue. Aliağa Municipality's air-conditioned stalls built on the street, not the bus, waiting for the minibus citizens expressed that the situation caused economic distress. Ede 90 minutes are provided in almost every district in Izmir. We want to take advantage of the buses we are entitled to. There are hundreds of people coming to Aliağa every day from various districts of Izmir. The cost is very high d by using the expressions in this regard invited to be common sense.

Adil Arslan: We want our 90 minutes. The important thing is to see the necessary sensitivity in this regard. Of course giving extra fees is a problem for us.

Cemal Sevgi: A system should not be affected by minibuses. They can also be adjusted so that their bread money is not avoided. In Istanbul, minibuses are included in the transfer system, but studies on this subject have been suspended.
Mustafa Demir: We would like to take advantage of the 90 minutes right when we get out of İZBAN both in Aliağa and transportation. Every day of the arrival is holding a high figure including izban fee. There are more job opportunities in Aliağa. Citizens can come from different districts because the distance is shortened, but this should not be so much.

Kamuran Bileci: We have always expressed what we want. They need to see the demands on this issue. We want to use this right in Aliağa.


Günceleme: 01/12/2018 16:03

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