New edit on 90 minutes in ESHOT

ESHOT'da 90 new regulation in minutes: ESHOT Urla'nın Bademler, Zeytinalanı Neighborhoods and all villages in the town of Torbalı'nın especially Ayrancılar 1.5 90 in the hour to make two or more free boarding in minutes to remove the application was removed. The settlements in question were included in the price tariffs applied to non-metropolitan districts.
Recently, ESHOT has started to organize some lines on the lines of Tepbasi. Accordingly, the 209 numbered Zeytinalanı-Fahrettin Altay line of Urla and the Bademler Fahrettin Altay line with 320 line 2 lira 40 kururen 4 lira 20 kurusha, student ticket tariffs 1 lira 35 Xurus 2 penny 30 kuruş output. With the new arrangement of ESHOT, almost 100% of these lines have been raised.
13 has been implemented since February, and all the villages in the district, especially in Ayrancılar 90 free boarding passes within minutes. According to this, if a person taking the İZBAN from Torbalı transfers to ESHOT or Metro, he can use the 90 minute application, and a person using ESHOT to go to İZBAN from the villages of Ayrancılar or Torbalı and the bus fare and İZBAN. will have to print tickets. Torbali'da reaction was met with the reaction of the Torbalılıların a signature campaign on the internet said to be launched.
Urla'nın Zeytinalanı and Bademleri Neighborhood residents rebelled against ESHOT's tariffs. Previously going to the city center Zeytinalanı and Bademler neighborhood Fahrettin Altay Metro station, a citizen from the 90 minute application to the city center by taking advantage of free access to the new arrangement up to Fahrettin Altay 4 lira 20 penny to go to the city center to go extra 2 lira 40 needs to pay more than penny.
The authorities stated that unlike the other settlements of Bademler in Urla, the inclusion of 90 in minutes created inequality and said that the inequality experienced in the recipes was eliminated.

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