No Rail Suitable for 460 Million Euro Marmaray Trains!

Marmaray wagons left to the state
Marmaray wagons left to the state

There are no tracks suitable for Marmaray trains of 460 million Euros: It turned out that 12 trains, each of which cost 38 million Euros, can be operated by Marmaray. According to the 460th train of Marmaray, of 10 million Euros left for decay, it was claimed that there is no suitable railway line in Istanbul and that it cannot change tracks.

It was seen why 10 trains with 38 wagons purchased for use in Marmaray could not be used.

According to the newspaper today, the 245-car wagons, 12 meters in length and cost 10 million euros, were kept on the rails for more than 3 years since there was no suitable turning maneuver area.

Trains longer than rails

Departing from Kazlıçeşme, the train takes all passengers off at Ayrılıkçeşme station, which is the end stop. Then he moves the train towards the turn maneuver. The train arriving at the maneuvering area, which is about one kilometer from the stop, puts its head until the end of the rail system. Then the mechanic moves through the Marmaray and moves to the engine room in the opposite direction, moving the train.

From the section with the traffic buttons, the train returns to Kazlıçeşme direction from the return maneuver. It is suitable for the 122.5-system with 5 meters of maneuver area in Ayrılıkçeşme. But the length of the train does not fit in the maneuvering area reserved for the system of 10.

'The capacity of the line is not enough'

United Transport Union President Nazım Karakurt, even if the maneuvering area 10'lu system does not use a railway line, he noted.

Stating that the 5-series in use is already more than enough for carrying passengers, Karakurt said, “The Marmaray project is a place of 13 kilometers. Already every 10 minutes the train is running. The running 5-series is enough to carry passengers even if it is increasing. Currently 17 series are working, the rail system cannot lift more than this on a 13 km line. The capacity of the line is not enough. ”

'The Ministry knows that trains cannot be used'

Nazım Karakurt evaluated the statement of the Ministry of Transport, "Vehicles were not put into service because test drives were not made":

“The ministry is doing a word game. You haven't finished the test process for 4 years, which is a separate scandal. The real problem is that they know that the trains that have been left to decay cannot be used even if the testing processes are completed. These trains will not work anywhere. Let's assume you have completed the testing process of them, where will you run them? There is no railway line to use these trains in Istanbul. ”


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