7 million people in China plane and train ride officially banned

7 million people in China and aircraft to get on the plane was officially banned: an unusual application in China k credit rating given to each individual in the country at the end of the application of a total of about 7 million people with low credit aircraft and the train was banned.
5 million people were prevented from boarding a train on 1,6 million people on the grounds that their credit rating was low in China.
UM Global Times bin newspaper, one of the official publications of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), wrote that 4,9 forbade the million people to take the train and 1,6 would not take the train because the National Development and Reform Board's credit rating was low.
Lien Veyliang, Vice-President of the Board, said that China has given credit code to every natural and legal person and has improved the country's social credit system.
Lien expressed that the information sharing platform was established with the participation of 37 management unit throughout the country and thus 640 collected more than one million credit information.
Lien, the solid penalty system does not pay the loan thanks to 400 more than a thousand people said they pay their debts.


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