3. Bridge towers are finished

  1. Bridge towers are finished: 3. When the concrete works of the towers were finished on the bridge, a crane was brought to the building for the decks to be thrown into the bridge.
    Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said: “This week we will take the first floor of the bridge. The silhouette will begin to be seen slowly yavaş 3 with the eyes after the description. the final state of the bridge construction and the decks to be taken to the bridge were displayed.
    29 2015 to be opened in October 3. In the construction of the bridge, the towers were finished and the height of the bridge towers reached to 305 meters. The ongoing works on the bridge were also displayed. After the saddles are placed on the towers reaching to 305 meters, the assembly of the main ropes will be started.
  2. Reinforced concrete operation of bridge towers is over
    On the other hand, the appearance of the towers started to fascinate. Following Minister Lütfi Elvan's statement, “We will throw the decks”, a floating crane at sea and a mobile crane on land are kept ready for decks. Favorable weather conditions are also expected for the decks kept on board at Haydarpaşa Port. After the weather conditions occur, the decks to be brought to the bridge construction by ship will be taken with a floating crane and taken to the land. Later, the decks brought by the floating crane will be thrown onto the bridge with the mobile crane waiting on land.
  3. Bridge towers finished concrete -GALERİ
    At the Haydarpaşa Port, the boarding of the ships was later carried out by 3. The bridge will be taken to construction. On the other hand, the works continue on the Northern Marmara Highway which is connected to the bridge. While trucks were working like ants, 102 grills, 6 underpasses and 1 overpasses were completed on the highway. 1250 machines and various equipment are used throughout the project.
    The 487 bin 6 is working throughout the project, including 107 technical personnel. It was learned that the dizzying studies continued for 24 hours if the weather conditions were suitable. South Korean engineers also draw attention with their joyful attitude in construction. 150 working in the construction of South Korea, South Korea was brought to the private cook said.

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