A Strange Bridge Story

A Strange Bridge Story: Due to the rehabilitation of Asar Dere, which is present in İhsaniye, in the Gölcük District of Kocaeli, the steel bridge was placed on the edge of the creek, which was dismantled, and the rehabilitation was continued.
Here's the interesting story of the bridge. Gölcük Municipality officials promised that the usual bridge would be replaced in the short term by the residents of the İhsaniye Merkez District before the bridge was dismantled; however, it was learned that after a short time the bridge was cut by the company staff and sold to the scrap dealer.
The Municipality of Gölcük also promised the Ihsanians to build a new bridge close to the elections, but despite the two years passed, no steps were taken by the Municipality. At this point, MHP Kocaeli Deputy Lütfü Türkkan stepped in, became a follower of the issue and gave a proposal for a request by the Minister of Interior Efkan Ala to answer. Here comes the time they wait for the villagers who have been without bridges for two years after Türkkan's proposal. Gölcük Municipality, which started activities for the reconstruction of the bridge, put the feet of the bridge as the first move. The villagers who convey their thanks to Türkkan are happy to have their bridges once again.

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