172 pounds penalty to the colored glass that will change the appearance of the glass

172 lira penalty to change the image of the glass glass: The General Directorate of Security Traffic Implementation and Inspection Department, the use of colored glass to change the appearance of vehicles glass or colored film layers on the windows of the penalty penalty is announced 172 pounds.
A citizen's answer to the question of 'Is it legal to wear colored glasses and glass? Motor The Traffic Implementation and Supervision Department, ”Regulation on the Type Approval of Motor Vehicles and Trailers Denet issued by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and“ Safety Glasses of Motor Vehicles and Trailers Bir and Glass Materials Regulation and Regulation on the type of technical requirements to be specified by the glass reported. In the statement made by the department, yapılan Safety glass not covered by the recipes in the legislation; If the light transmittance is below 70, it is required to undergo a variety of tests and to obtain the national type approval from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. It has to be shown. In this respect, the colored glass in the vehicles must be in accordance with the above-mentioned technical legislation. Bu
In the statement, in the 2918 article titled yönetmelik Compliance with the technical requirements of the vehicles lud of the Highways Traffic Law no. 30, Açık It is obligatory to keep the vehicles in accordance with the technical requirements in the manner and manner specified in the regulation Açık. was reminded of the verdict. The following statements were made in the description of the apartment: tehlike With vehicles with deficiencies and disturbances, using vehicles with ornaments, accessories, articles and protrusions that could prevent the sight or be dangerous to the people in case of an accident, to create a hazard for the road users or to prevent the sight and to disturb the people 2014 is applied for 172 pounds for the year of 63. In the last paragraph of the 2918 article of the Highways Traffic Regulation, 'It is forbidden to use colored glass to change the appearance of vehicles or to adhere the colored film layers on the windows.' It is called. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of 30 / 1-b of the Highways Traffic Law no.
Traffic Implementation and Inspection Department, lığı How to use fog lights in vehicles? “Also evaluated the question. In the statement made by the Presidency, Başkanlık 2918 No. 64 under the title of the use of Lights XNUMX'in the first paragraph of the first paragraph of paragraph (b) of the sub-paragraph of sub-paragraph; 'Night fog lights; It is forbidden to incinerate with other headlights except for foggy, snowy and heavy rain. There is provision. hük

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