28 bin honorary traffic inspector is supervising drivers who don't know the rules

In traffic, the 28 bin eye watches drivers who don't know the rules: the honorary traffic inspectors who watch the vehicle drivers who rule the rules at every moment, such as a third eye with their hidden identities in the traffic, are writing millions of penalties each year. The 28 bin 400 honorary traffic inspector, serving as a civilian, invisible, white hat across the country, concealed from the public; bikes, motor bikes, and motorcycles to follow the rules without driving 76 separate mining drivers can write penalties. Drivers who want to appeal to the punishment written by the investigators can open the case through the criminal courts of peace. However, drivers have to prove that they have not violated the rules specified in the minutes. Investigators in 2013 wrote about millions of penalties to the 160 bin drive.
Annex 2918 of the Highways Traffic Act No. 6. Fahri traffic inspectorate, which was implemented with the rearrangement of the article in October 1997, has attracted great interest in recent years. According to the data from the Association of Honorary Traffic Inspectors; Currently, Turkey's honorary traffic inspector general in 28 400 thousand. Only in Istanbul around 3 thousand 500 inspector serves as an honorary. Not only in the city where he lives, every inspector can write a penalty for drivers who do not know the rules.
Honorary traffic inspectors who identify drivers who make mistakes at any time with their secret identities in the traffic, like a third eye, also note the errors of drivers who make the habit of not obeying the rules and where they are not. Civilian, invisible, white hats hidden from the public, concealed from the public, even though they do not pay any fee does not leave unaware drivers. The inspectors of a shopping center parking lot, who do not leave the park in the disabled driver's department, begin their work after a subtle screening. At least 10 yearly license, 40 age and over university graduates can become honorary inspector. Here are the requirements for honorary inspectorate: olarak Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, filling the age of 40, at least being a graduate of college, having at least 10 annual driving license, not causing a fatal or injured traffic accident. Not to be banned from the public services by not having the driver's license withdrawn as a result of the 5 penalty points in the 100 year after the application date. Even if it is forgotten, crimes against the personality of the state, embezzlement, passion, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of faith, indirect bankruptcy such as bankruptcy or honor and dignity of the crime, smuggling, formal procurement and buying and selling are mixed, I am not convicted of crimes for disclosing state secrets, except for the cases registered except for those offenses that do not have any imprisonment or imprisonment for more than a month. bu When the inspector is in the reception, the police call the applicants and subject them to the 6 training seminar. Those who succeed in the exam after the training can become an honorary inspector.

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