Taking pictures on the underground rails cost him his life

Taking pictures on the subway rails cost him his life: 18-year-old Ahmet Şimşek, allegedly descending on the subway rails to take pictures in Izmir, was caught in the electric current and lost his life.
Last Sunday evening at İzmir Poligon Metro Station, 18-year-old Ahmet Şimşek allegedly landed on the subway rails to take a picture.

Meanwhile, Lightning, caught in the electric current on the rails, fell to the ground. Upon the notification of the situation, the electric current on the rails was cut, and the medical teams made the first response at the scene, Ahmet Şimşek was taken to Izmir Katip Çelebi University Hospital by ambulance.

The unfortunate young man died despite all the interventions. Ahmet Şimşek, who came from Osmaniye to visit his relatives in İzmir for the summer vacation, has newly appointed Kütahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Political Sciences. kazanit was learned.

While it was learned that Şimşek's body was sent to his hometown, Osmaniye for burial, it was reported that the investigation into the incident was continuing.

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