Work on the coal field caused roadway cracks

Work on the coal field led to the formation of cracks in the highway: the studies on the coal field in the Yatağan Thermal Power Plant led to the formation of cracks in the Yeşilbağcılar-Turgut neighborhoods.
During the coal extraction works carried out in the coal field of Yatağan Thermal Power Plant affiliated to Yeniköy Elektrik Üretim AŞ (YEAŞ), cracks up to one meter in depth occurred on the highway connecting Yeşilbağcılar Neighborhood of Yatağan, where the works were carried out, to Turgut District.
Gendarmerie teams, who were on duty as a patrolman, noticed the situation, and the highways crews who came to the region upon the warning, put warning signs in the traffic and closed the highway. The traffic between the two neighborhoods was provided by the secondary road.
YEAS General Director Ibrahim Hakki Gul, AA correspondent, said in a statement, the cracks occurred in the region, the coal reserve in the region has been expropriated by the enterprise to remove the previously announced.
Gül said that the cracking of the highway is expected to be a situation, said:
Tı After the existing road was nationalized by our institution, work was started to build a new road connecting the two neighborhoods. While the construction of the new road was in progress, the extraction of coal in the area near the existing road continued. In the meantime, we got the news that the roadway cracks occurred. Such events can occur in mining. What is important to us is that there should be no adverse events in such a situation. Bizim

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