Refuge Lighting Works Started in Türkoğlu District

Refuge Lighting Works Started in Türkoğlu District: In the Türkoğlu district of Kahramanmaraş, the median lighting works on the route of the city center were started.
Mayor Osman Okumuş, who examined the works on site, said that they started to work to realize the infrastructure and superstructure services they promised to the public after the local elections.
Mayor Okumuş noted that the median lighting work on the main road route of approximately 4 Km has been started up to the road junction of Kılılı road junction and Minehüyük Nahır road under Türkoğlu and said, “All our friends who contributed to this work, especially Türkoğlu Akedaş Business Manager Mustafa Bozdoğan and Akedaş General Manager Türkoğlu '' I would like to express my gratitude to bananas for their investments in these services. Indeed, this median lighting work has been completed before both in our Kılılı neighborhood and in our Beyoğlu and Şekeoba neighborhoods. It was only on this road route under Türkoğlu. With the lighting, we requested the curb stones from our General Directorate of Highways for the median arrangement of this place. I hope they will come too. We will affores this place completely in October and November. We believe that it will give a beautiful face to our Turks. "The industrial and factory area in the region we are in was in need of this project in terms of both security and landscape."


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