Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission Meetings

Tbmm Plan and Budget Committee Meetings: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways, Information Technologies and Communication Authority, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, Budget, Final Account and Court Report were discussed in the Planning and Budget Commission of the Parliament.
Plan and Budget gives information about the work of the ministry commissioners Commission Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, the world's crisis began in 2008 particularly noted that the negative impact on maritime commerce. Minister Yildirim stated that Turkey of tomorrow to be better than today, "2008 year as the global crisis has caused a significant economic adversities to be experienced in the world. This was reflected in transport and communication. As the 87 of the global transport was done by sea, there was also negativity in the maritime trade. Küresel
Minister Yıldırım said, yatırım When we look at the size of the budget, the investment allowances of the 2014 budget are around 9. The total budget is around 22 billion. 2013 budget 19.1 billion, compared to this, there is an increase of 14.5 percent X he said.
Underlining that Turkey is a crossroads for the transport Minister Yıldırım, "Since 2003 years 212.5 billion pounds of investment was realized. His investment in the Ministry of 133 billion pounds, his investments in local governments 72 billion, his investment in other public institutions about 10 billion pounds. Most of the investments in the communication sector were carried out by the private sector. With our main projects and sub-projects, our ministry is currently engaged with the 3 bin 988 project. Turkey's economy grows transportation investments is growing, "he said.
Total road network is divided path of the 35 percent said the Minister Yildirim, the corridor is very important for Turkey's position as highways where it is now the place where, he said 8 Total international corridor through Turkey. Turkey has continued to grow and underlines the need to increase the quantity and quality of roads Lightning, that 225 the number of passenger cars thousand people in Turkey, announced that this rate of every thousand people 118 cars fell.
29 Yildirim, who said the work on the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was laid on May, is the largest platform bridge in the world. 10 announced that it will be completed in May. Yildirim said that 2 met 8 in 14.5 in 2015. 1856 said that the railways were met on the Anatolian side of 2004. N There are several projects that we give importance to provide full integration with the countries around our country. Kars-Tbilisi Project, Iğdır-Nahçivan-Kars Project, Kurtalan-Nusaybin-Iraq Project and Marmaray Project. Marmaray's 2013 was opened in October. An important project that has been on the agenda since 724. Turkey's Istanbul traffic to the resort is a project that besides being a prestige project. The last project to be commissioned is the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line. The route between Bozöyük and Sakarya is very serious. We are experiencing great troubles in the transition from here. In the first months of next year, we will be commencing commercial flights. Ankara-Sivas line is still under construction. There are works on Ankara-Izmir line, construction works are continuing in 29 km in Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar section. The Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Project will be commissioned by the end of next year.
. We will open two lines at the beginning of next year. We will open Kızılay-Çayyolu and Sincan-Batıkent lines at the beginning of 2014. Kecioren-Tandogan line will be finished in the middle of 2014 N.
Information about the aviation sector commission members Yildirim, ine 3 in Istanbul. When the airport is built, it will be the biggest, perhaps the largest among the world's largest, with up to 150 million capacity. We all went on the plane 162 383, 27 500 thousand seats we all went to the 67 700 thousand seat capacity, while we all went on our agreement with the country 81 155 countries. The number of direct employees reached 65 thousand 167 thousand. 52 has become a scheduled service in our airport, Turkish Airlines is the first company in the world to fly 103 to 236 international flights. The number of points flown in domestic lines has reached 2 with an increase of 52. In the last 10 year, the contribution of the sector to the economy has reached 2.2 billion dollars for 21.4 billion dollars Son.
Tı In the 10 IT sector, we have achieved a growth from 11.5 billion to 47 billion in the year, N said Minister Yıldırım. Yıldırım said, çekici The situation is very remarkable. The transition to 3G in communication is progressing in every part of the country. Fixed subscribers continue to fall. 18.9 has fallen from million to 13.6 million. No wonder, even inside the house, the kids are talking to the room from the cell phone. The number of mobile subscribers is 91 percent. Our regulation is not available in many countries, we have facilitated the transition of operators to each other, reduced interconnection fees, made transitions very simple. 69 million subscribers, 62 million has passed to another operator. Monthly call duration per subscriber is number one in Europe. We are on number one with 323 per month. We are the cheapest negotiating country. Internet broadband continues to grow steadily. In the 24 hours of use while Internet usage rates in the world, this ratio rises in Turkey 32 hours. There are 36 million users around the world, Dün he said.

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